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Review: Bohemyst – Čerň a Smrt

by Miloš Šebalj

Bohemyst – Čerň a Smrt

1. Čerň a Smrt
2. Krvehlas
3. Na umrličích prknech
4. Paní lesa
5. Kosti
6. Co nelze zapomenout
7. Nekromantika
8. Do chřtánu Smrti
9. Zvrácenosti zvědavosti

Label: Hellsound Productions
Date: March 15, 2019

Welcome to Czech Republic, land of tasty beer, beautiful women and weird Metal. Sure, there is a lot more about the country itself but you’re not here for history lessons or tourist guidance. Let’s stick to Metal, as there are good quantities of websites for women, and your local liquor shop probably has answers to everything you need to know about beer.

Bohemyst is a new band, formed on the ashes of Avenger, and this review is dedicated to their debut recording. As the band members themselves declare, the version of this album I’m currently holding in my hands (yes, physical release, ladies and gentleman) is a promotional demo version of the forthcoming album. Honestly speaking, the way it sounds, I can’t help but wonder if there is any “fine tuning” even necessary here. “Čerň a Smrt“ is brilliantly produced, courtesy of Hellsound Studios, and Mr. Honza Kapák, production mastermind and drummer of this particular band. Well, the release lacks a booklet, but it is to be expected from a promotional CD. When the album is officially out it will surely all fit to place. Why am I so sure? Well, because the music itself thrives on attention to details.

I have mentioned “weird Metal” right on the start, and it is absolutely true. I’ve heard a lot of bands hailing from Czech Republic and not a single one could be placed into a particular folder. When it comes to genre, at least. There must be something in the water there. Or the mentioned beer.

Bohemyst performs Death Metal, but that is just scratching the surface. Based on the strong Avenger legacy, mentions of their trademark Dark Metal are obvious. This kind of music is based on atmosphere. Dark, cryptic atmosphere that creates a certain claustrophobic feelings, like being stuck in an ancient burial ground where the dead are performing their unholy rituals. These feelings are mostly created by guitars and drums which delve in the deep tones as if they are being played from the very depths of abyss. Slower sections of songs do bear some Doom undertones, just to strengthen the omnipresent atmosphere. This quintet easily finds their way through various rhythm changes and somewhat complex arrangements. Though skillful musicians, they do not allow their songs to wander around and make them as concrete as possible, when it comes to music not bound to a single genre. They are driving forward, keeping the listeners attention at all times. While there might not be a sort of a hit song on this release, then as a whole “Čerň a Smrt“ should come as a real treat to people addicted to dark and extreme music.

There is only the question of the name change, since this album sounds like a logical continuation of what Avenger did, with pretty much the same line-up that was “buried” with the previous name. There are certain differences for sure, so my best guess is that many more are to come on their further efforts. At this point, this or that name, “Čerň a Smrt“ is still a very good record. Absolutely recommended by yours truly.

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