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Review: Blaze Out – Instinct

by Miloš Šebalj
Blaze Out
Blaze Out

Blaze Out – Instinct

1. Toxic AF
2. Attack on Titan
3. Savage Blue
4. The Raise
5. Drunk Empire
6. Evil Dead
7. Deadfall
8. No More Fear
9. Face Your Scars
10. The Goliath’s Fall

Label: Blood Fire Death Production
Date: May 17, 2019

When it comes to pompous promo sheets, there’s no beating this one. The label almost literally announces this album as something destined for Mount Everest of music. I highly suspect something like that can even be achieved in this day and age, so with not believing a single word written I delved into this record.

Blaze Out comes from Barcelona. I’m not even remotely thinking of mentioning the country of origin as that might just stir up all kinds of emotions. “Instinct” is their third full length album, and it arrives behind a cover artwork that seems super modern and all, but I just don’t understand its point. Fault number one for an album “designed to wipe out everything”. “Borrowing from classic Heavy Metal, Thrash and Hard Rock” is another sidewinder from the promo sheet. Mentioning something like that and among the “similar bands” naming Trivium, Lamb of God or Alter Bridge? Well, it also mentions Metallica and, truth be told, there are a couple of vocal patterns similar to Mr. Hetfield, but all of them from the relatively recent era in the career of the legendary Americans. So what does Blaze Out actually sound like?

Well, they sound like all the mentioned bands. Except Metallica, of course. Extremely polished production work, giving this album an extra edge and firmly positioning it among the modern Groove or Nu Metal tendencies. Music itself is filled to the brim with groovy breakdowns, guitar melodies and fine solos, “solid as a rock” rhythm section and varying vocals that do guide the emotional side of the album. One thing that the mentioned promo sheet says right is in the said vocal variations. Gerard does switch his voice “at command”, and does so brilliantly. Add to it the back vocals that come in all the right places and you’ve got yourself some nice lines to follow.

What I’ve written above can easily be said about any of those contemporary bands the Catalan (oops, I said it) quartet is looking up to. It must be said that Blaze Out spits out some pretty memorable tunes. Be it in the riff or in the lyrics, they do know how to make a potential hit song. Most of these 10 tracks will catch your ear already at first listening and that is the strongest point of “Instinct”.

The list of their accomplishments, when it comes to live appearances, is quite impressive. However, it is all a matter of time and place. If this album was released in the USA, 10 years ago, Blaze Out would be selling out arenas. This album is certainly a whole class above the latest offerings by their idols, but I’m afraid the age when this kind of music was at its peak has passed. Still, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for these guys. Just keep your feet on the ground. You surely don’t need all that glorification from the promotional agency.

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