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Review: Blaze Bayley with Thomas Zwijsen – December Wind

by Vjeran
Blaze Bayley
 Blaze Bayley

Blaze Bayley with Thomas Zwijsen – December Wind

1. Eye of the Storm
2. Love Will Conquer All
3. 2 A.M. (Iron Maiden cover)
4. Miracle on the Hudson
5. December Wind
6. We Fell from the Sky
7. The Crimson Tide
8. The Love of Your Life
9. Stealing Time
10. Russian Holiday
11. Soundtrack of My Life
12. One More Step
13. Sign of the Cross

Label: Blaze Bayley Recordings
Date: November 9, 2018

What we have here is a new acoustic album from the probably the most underrated Heavy Metal artist. Not only that the quality of the material Blaze Bayley released since he left Iron Maiden puts him at the top of todays Classical Heavy Metal scene but his solo releases are far better then anything Maiden released since Blaze left the band. Is Blaze the best singer out there? Of course not, but he is damn good at what he does, plus the most of metal singers will give everything to have emotion in the voice like Blaze have.

This album is written co-written with classical acoustic guitarist Thomas Zwijsen and contains previously released EP “Russian Holiday“. Album starts with a “Eye Of The Storm“ which is a bit up tempo song and is a great opener for the album. Next song “Love will conquer all“ slow things down and shows the emotional side of Blaze Bayley. Next is the Maiden cover from Blaze era, well known “2 A.M.“ Great version of a great song. “Miracle On The Hudson“ is next and it speeds things a bit, another good song. Title track “December Wind“ is a great ballad and one of the best songs on the album. Blaze performance here is really great. Another great song “We Fell From The Sky“ were Blaze puts amazing vocals. Worth noticing is a great violin playing by Anne Bakker. “The Crimson Tide“ and “The Love Of Your Life“ are not as good as the rest of the material on this record, but that don’t mean these are the bad songs, listener we find a lot in these songs to enjoy them. Rest of the material here is taken from the“Russian Holiday“ and I think it is well known for Blaze fans. Five great songs including Maiden cover “Sign Of The Cross“.

Besides Blaze voice, which really shines on this record, we really have to mention great guitar playing by Thomas Zwijsen which is amazing and makes these great songs even better. This is a great album full of great songs and amazing musicianship. Blaze should be looked as an amazing solo artist and not as former Iron Maiden singer. Just check any of his albums and you will hear why.

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