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Review: Black Oath – Behold the Abyss

by Metal Jacket
Black Oath
 Black Oath

Black Oath – Behold the Abyss

1. Behold the Abyss
2. Chants of Arcadia
3. Lilith Black Moon
4. Once Death Sang
5. Profane Saviour
6. Everlasting Darkness

Label: High Roller Records
Date: November 16, 2018

One of the rare bands that I can proudly say that I have followed their work from their very beginning. In 2009. I found their first material. EP called “Black Oath”, I have found it due the fact that I saw that Ustumallagam from Dannish legendary band Denial Of God made guest appearance and wrote text for song “Obsessed by Moonlight”. I instantly knew that this band will be killer one.

This Italian (city of Milan, to be precise) doom metallers created and still create brilliant doom metal in veins of old and fundamental doom metal bands. Creepy and sinister atmosphere enriched with music that really easily going into listener’s ears. Black Oath succeed to made a perfect combo here. They use all basic elements of traditional doom metal, smeared with heavy metal feeling and all that forged into one perfect combination of very good material.

Here we have something over forty one minute of really good music. If you are fan of doom/heavy sound that you thought that they are died in eighties and early nineties, than you will be pleasantly surprised with “Behold the Abyss” album. Old-school feeling in their music, mixed with production from 21st century absolutely made a god job and favor for Black Oath this time.

When we came to production. Here you will not be able to find any single mistake in it. Classic metal production that has been glorified in doom metal sound for over thirty years now. So if you are into new age furbish sound, than this release is not for you.

Personally my Black Oath’s favorite is “Ov Qliphoth and Darkness” album, but after this one, I am seriously in doubt about No.1 from this band. Now they definitely push their boundaries up and they step up to challenge to make great doom metal album. I can say that guys really surprised me with their fourth album. They made a really good material that will probably stood the test of time.

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