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Review: Black Magick SS – Spectral Ecstasy

by Kastelan
Black Magick SS
Black Magick SS

Black Magick SS – Spectral Ecstasy

1. Black Hand
2. Spectral Ecstasy
3. My Love
4. Fallen Tale
5. The Oath
6. Hymn of Pride

Label: Infinite Wisdom Productions
April 16, 2018

Have you ever wondered how Uriah Heep mixed with Kraftwerk undertones would sound on a really bad trip? Well, Black Magick SS is the answer. Hailing from the Land Down Under, Black Magick SS are a wild mix of psychedelic rock and black metal. The band likes to stay anonymous, so we can’t be sure who the members are, or what their original ideas were, but anonimity keeps things interesting.

On 16 of April 2018, BMSS released their second full-length titled “Spectral Ecstasy”. With six songs and running for more than half an hour, this is their longest release yet. The album was released via Bandcamp and awaiting for CD release in the future through Infinite Wisdom Productions. Btw, you can pre-order a copy here and get a cool pin and poster with your purchase.

The sound quality of this release isn’t superb, it has an old-school feeling to it, but it doesn’t seem artificial or forced. It just sounds a bit flat, compressed, the peaks are clipped, like you are listening to a tape. That is a cool retro step in these modern times. In addition to the classic bass-guitar-drums setup, they added high pitched synths and synth drum loops which give songs a twisted disco feel.

“Spectral Ecstasy” starts out with a catchy tune enveloped in occultism, “Black Hand”, which is a great starter and will surely make you crave for some more Black Magick. The second song is bearing the album name, and “Spectral Ecstasy” has one of the best choruses I heard in a while. It balances growling low vocals and clean epic singing very well. The third song, “My Love” is a love song, about an knight reminiscing about his lost love. With sword and armor laid by his side, he can’t remember her eyes anymore. The lyrical theme is in stark contrast to the poppy psychadellic vibe of the whole song, bringing a sad tale upon the disco vibe. This song hit close to home and is truly my favorite track from this album.  The remaining three songs are just plain good, with similar themes and a similar energy. It would be a crime not to mention The Hymn of Pride, The Oath, and Fallen Tale, but if you are listening to this album in the right mindset, you are probably lost in the riffs already. I would suggest riding the waves of low-fi synths into the depths this album can take you, and use the last few songs to discover deeper meaning of the BMSS opus.

To find a homogeneous album, packed with interesting songs and a lot of replay value is rare for me. It is well balanced and crafted with care. The artwork is colorful, esoteric and memorable. Although I would personally not put those sails on my ship, but they prefectly fit on it.

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