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Review: Binary Creed – Mother

by Ivona Bogner

Binary Creed – Mother

Label: Rockshot Records
Date: May 29, 2020

This might sound weird, but I have never written a review of one song before. Maybe this isolation affected on me, or is it something else, but I said to myself when I received message from Binary Creed: “Why not?”

Binary Creed was formed in Umeå, Västerbotten, Sweden, in 2103. Officially, they are classified as Progressive Power band. Over the years, I have learnt, everything that has progressive in its description, for my psychological profile is boring. But, not this one.

The band has two albums behind: “Restitution” (Nightmare Records, 2014) and “A Battle Won” (Rockshot Records, 2016). 

From the very beginning, whole project is under the veil of mystery. All I was sent is an audio recording, cover art and release date. And, yeah! New lead singer. Who might that be? No one is answering on my question, so if they want to play the game, challenge accepted! I know the people who know the people, so my target was, no more – no less, but the friend connected with label. Nothing again! If nothing else, I’m as persistent as a mule, so I will find the answer. In the meantime, in a galaxy far, far away, by the power of my kindness (I believe so), the band finally revealed the secret. The new singer is… Rickard Thelin! Rickard Thelin’s and Stefan Rådlund’s careers are intertwined.  Both stand behind SAATE, and no matter how hard it will be, I will avoid comparing their work on both battlefields.

Now, when we have all the pieces of the puzzle, let’s listen to the new single “Mother”.

First of all, although the band defines own music as a Progressive Power Metal, I have an objection! “Mother” is pure Heavy Power song, with timeless and beyond great clean vocal, that at some point with its growl leans to extreme metal. Clear production, with great melody, choir part and amazing  guitar solo. 

Thelin in Binary Creed and Thelin in SAATE: Heaven and Earth! Former singer, Andreas Stoltz has unique singing style, for sure fans will miss him, he had marked one era of a Binary Creed and now it is time to open the new chapter. 

In a few words: massive, bombastic, impressive single! Looking forward to hear the album! If we judge the book by its cover, than it will be fresh, it will be powerful, it will be promising! 

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