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Review: Bethor – Natas Liah

by Lukrecija Mesek

Bethor – Natas Liah

1. Novi Eon
2. Kosmokrator
3. Terrible Despairs
4. Nihilist
5. Bogovi ponoći
6. Deluzija
7. Natas Liah
8. Lightning
9. A Fine Day to Die (Bathory cover in Serbian)

Label: Nazgûl Records
Date: April 26, 2020

Bethor started as a one man band by Mikica Marić (Bethor) in Mladenovac, Serbia in 2001. From 2006, Bethor exists as a band with full line-up, when Marko Milojević and Srđan “Sirius” Branković joined the band.

So far, band released four full-length albums “Demogorgon”, “Potonja”, “The Return of Darkness and Evil (A Tribute to Bathory)” and “Anarchia Diaboli”. After three years, Bethor presented us “Natas Liah”, fifth full length album.

When it comes to Black Metal I think I adore it for totally different reasons than most of Black Metal fans. For me Black Metal is really erotic and I’m really picky when it comes to this genre. Mayhem, Bathory, Immortal and Frozen Forest are my favorites in Black Metal. Each one of them different and special in their own way, but still they can represent the core of Black Metal. Of course, I will listen to every other Black Metal band, but not every one of them will impress me.

So, let’s see what Bethor is bringing us.

While listening to album I swear that I got that feel that most of the songs sound droningly. There is not much diversity, and the only song that stands out is “A fine day to day”, which of course is cover of Bathory’s song, but the twist is that cover is in Serbian. I must admit, that was a nice surprise, I can’t remember if I saw anywhere that band would do the cover and translate it into another language. So I have to give them credit for taking cover song one step further and making it unique. Still, the rest of the album is a bit boring to me.

“Nihilist” song has a good riff. “Bogovi Ponoci” has again similar riff as “Nihilist”. And I’m truly hoping that “Natas Liah” (for those who can’t figure it out it is “Hail Satan” backwards) was just bad decision as title of the song (and title of the album). There is nothing wrong with the song it’s self, but the title is so cringe. I thought that stuff like that has been forgotten back in early 2000., when all that cringe fest was happening.

Never the less, vocals are really good. Bethor really screamed out every demon in him. But the vocals are lost in all that surrounding and repeating chaos.

Another high point of this album, besides the vocals, is album cover. Who ever did the job, it was done perfectly.

All in all, not the worst album I’ve heard, but it could definitely be better.

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