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Review: Axe Steeler – On The Run

by Lukrecija Mesek
Axe Steller
 Axe Steller

Axe Steeler – On The Run

1. Back To The Stage
2. Hellrider
3. Axe Of Steel
4. Beyond The Stars
5. On The Run
6. Storm
7. Over The Top
8. Battlefield

Label: Pure Steel Promotion
Date: September 7, 2018

Axe Steeler is a band formed in early 2015, influenced by traditional heavy Metal, such as Teutonic Heavy Metal, Swedish Heavy Metal, French Heavy Metal, Eastern Europe Heavy Metal and of course NWOBHM!

They try to maintain the essence of this style that has marked them as individuals and as a group rooted in the belief that the Heavy Metal is life.

2016 a first release with the EP “Back To The Stage”. Band was gettin’ fast more known in Medellin and around. With beginning of 2018 we had a bigger tour around South America (also at stage on ” Evil Confrontation Festival” in Chile) Now it’s time for the first full-lenght album: classic HM (with a stronger dialect by the voc).

For every metalhead that is inlove with good old Heavy Metal this band will be their cup of tea. Everything is just there right on point. Only thing that woud maybe be worth working on is mixing and mastering, just to take out some small mistakes that pop out here and there.

But nothing to worry about since the boys are rocking out the sky. As you listen to their songs you can feel the influences mostly of NWOBHM. Right from the star of the album we are taken into their world that they create. They are charming us with guitar riffs and clean vocals that are fitting just right.

From this album I was really impressed with “Beyond The Stars”. Really good instrumental that feels so calming, and it’s nice touch to the whole story. You should definitely listen to this album. Recommended!

Band members:
Javier Alonso Nuñez Padilla – Vocals
Nehider Harvey Cabrera Londoño – Guitars
Camilo Torres Saldarriaga – Guitars
Luis Fernando Rodriguez Bernal – Bass Guitar
Jorge Quintana Giraldo – Drums

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