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Review: Avalanche – Interstellar Movement

by Helen Vučić

Avalanche – Interstellar Movement

1. Frequencies Below Zero
2. Drake Equation
3. Jupiter Odyssey
4. Exosphere
5. Interstellar Movement
6. Missing Signal
7. 3C273
8. Voyagers’ Fault
9. The Path Of Fire Continues

Date: June 14, 2019

Today I’d like to introduce you to a brilliant Hardcore/Sludge 5-piece from Vienna, Austria. They’ve been described as a healthy mix between Sleep and High on Fire, with a little extra. Do I have your attention yet?

Avalanche is their name and they’ve been rocking and jamming since 2010, which started with a release of a promising demo in titled “Among Beasts”. The demo is just as you’d expect it to be – rough, fast and dirty. What followed was their “Thanatos” EP two years later, a more serious and defined sound to let us know they’re going in the right direction. 

Instead of the full length release that was expected after “Thanatos”, we got a 2013 remaster of their demo with some extra songs thrown in. Nice, but not as captivating. After that, the boys steadily played less and less live shows, leading us to believe the Avalanche chapter might soon be over. Luckily, that’s far from the truth. A couple of weeks ago, after years of uncertainty, Avalanche have suddenly released their first full length album “Interstellar Movement”, a churning machine with no signs of stopping. This is the record that 2019 needed so desperately. Openly Sleep-inspired, I’m glad they picked up on the trend of releasing monumental albums after long breaks with no heads-up whatsoever. 

The release starts with an intro track “Frequencies Below Zero”, giving you just the right taste of their sound to decide if you’ll continue lending them your ear. I strongly suggest you do, because these riffs don’t get any softer. “Drake Equation” is where we first hear the screaming, sludgy vocals transformed into something else. Instead of sludgy, they sound thrashy, yet inspired by everyone’s favorite Wizard. Many have noticed the old-school Thrash elements mixed into this hardcore stew, none have complained.

Fitting into the genre, the songs on “Interstellar Movement” are averagely around three minutes long, right little bursts of energy when you need a quick mental pick-me-up. “Exosphere” is a song that is yelling “The future is now, old man!” to The Wizard, and that’s okay, I agree, the future is now and it’s this. Definitely one of my favorite tracks of the album, followed by the eponymous “Interstellar Movement”. Now, this song perfectly demonstrates the theme of differently paced rhythms constantly changing. Is this album fast or slow? Yes.

I’m very pleased with how the vocals have developed over time, also with the fact that they’ve found their home in space. Glad to have you, boys! It’s big enough for everyone! The last thing you’ll see… Is “3C273”, optically the brightest quasar in the sky, also the first one identified. Yep, that’s the title of the track, which is almost as great as the next one, “Voyager’s fault”. If I don’t hear this banger live sometime in the next six months, I’ll be quite annoyed. If you were looking for melody on this album, it’s right here.

We’re walked to the exit with promises of more, “The Path Of Fire Continues” is a fantastic summary of everything we’ve heard. The machine is slowing down and it’s particularly heavy. This album is incredibly well-rounded, it’s very clear what’s heads and what’s tails. The mix is clean and professional.

I’ve honestly just heard this band this morning, but they amazed me enough to research them and write this piece right away. I hope they amaze you too, more people need to know about this! Stay heavy, stay slow. \m/

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