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Review: Asking Alexandria – Like a House on Fire

by Ante Topic

Asking Alexandria – Like a House on Fire

1. House On Fire
2. They Don’t Want What We Want
3. Down to Hell
4. Antisocialist
5. I Don’t Need You
6. All Due Respect
7. Take Some Time
8. One Turns To None
9. It’s Not Me (It’s You)
10. Here’s to Starting Over
11. What’s Gonna Be
12. Give You Up
13. In My Blood
14. The Violence
15. Lorazepam

Label: Sumerian Records
Date: June 26, 2020

Asking Alexandria is really sensitive topic to write about because most “true” metalheads will immediately start calling them emo, screamo, that they suck, that they are terrible and other very descriptive words and won’t even try to listen at least some of their songs. That’s a shame because I’m pretty sure they’d find something good in their catalog.

Okay, yeah, I’ll admit that I’m not fan of their earlier stuff which is a bit too metalcore for me but with time passing they’ve evolved from that into… Well, into their own genre.

After first listening of “Like A House On Fire” I was like: “What’s going on here?”, but it was clear that this is great piece of music. I really didn’t know what to write except that it’s good! It really sounds fresh and up to date. Highlights are “House On Fire”, a real heavy riff headbanger which seems like a successor of the previous, self-titled album, the following song “They Don’t Want What We Want (And They Don’t Care)” and an adrenaline fueled “na na na” sing-a-long hard rocker “Down To Hell”. These three in my opinion define “Like A House On Fire”.

One song that especially stands out is a duet with Grace Grundy “I Don’t Need You”. The reason for that is because it’s basically a pop song even though it still fits very well with other songs. Grace’s voice really complements Danny’s which gives this song some special feeling.

Fifteen songs might be a bit too much especially because it’s not easy to make all of them “hit” songs and that’s what I could consider a problem here since the first part of “Like A House On Fire” seems to be better than the second part.

Anyway, one thing is for sure, the guys from Asking Alexandria really know how to incorporate elements from pop, hip hop and other genres into rock and metal while not sacrificing heaviness and make it their own. As I’ve said before, they’re a genre on their own and with “Like A House On Fire” they prove just that!

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