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Review: ASHINE – Force of Nature

by Lukrecija Mesek

Ashine -Force of nature

  1. Mourning Those Born Again
  2.  Black Stars
  3. Power is All
  4. Force of Nature
  5. Raging 
  6.  No Return
  7.  Prison of Mirrors
  8. Pagan
  9.  Into the Abyss (remastered) 

Release date:18/12/2020

Hailing from Slovenia we are presenting you Ashine. Ashine was formed in 2013 as a cover band but after Leon joined the band roster was complete and in 2015 they are releasing their first EP called “Ashine”. It contained 4 songs including “Into the Abyss” which soon became the fan favorite song. After some band switches and tours in Romania and Czech republic they finally settled down to finish their first LP album called “Force of Nature”.

When I first got the album for review I was really excited. I was waiting for this release for a long time and when I finally saw that the album is out I was really excited to listen to it. It was so long time ago when they released their single “Black Stars”. It was acctually around 8 months ago, but with Corona-bullshit going on in the world – it seems much, much, much longer. Anywhore, after listening “Black Stars” I was so excited about the full album, and now it’s HERE!!!!

So let’s start from the begining. First things first, I need to thank to guys from Ashine for beautiful long intro into the album. It was really nice introduction, all though it it a bit missleading. I was expecting something soothing and calm but than “Black Stars” starts to play and gives you one fat bitch slap in face to reminde you that this is Ashine. As they started off, they are continuosly bringing us great riffs, and beautiful melodies combined with powerfull drums. I really enjoyed song “Raging”. Funny enough song about rage, and at first violent and destructive, has kinda relaxing effect. So I would say that this is one of my favorite songs from the album. But with each time that I listen to the album I find more and more interesting sequences and melodies. With song “No Return” they made kinda a break in album. It’s a beautifull intro again, into the next song “Prison of Mirrors”. They finished album with remastered version of “Into the Abyss”.

Over all I really liked this album. We did wait for it for so long, but guys really put out and rewarded our patience. I’m putting this one into my collection. And all that is left to say is Rock on guys!!!


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