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Review: ASHEN HORDE “Tintregen”

by Bart Tomaszewski

ASHEN HORDE “Tintregen”

1. Roar of the Wyrm
2. The Entity
3. The Torture Cycle
4. Mourning Due

Last times I have luck to review bands who play Black Metal. Once yet in nineties I heard opinion that in the States they don’t know to play this music. But well, even if I’m not an expert from mentioned sub-genre of our beloved music, I directly knew this is a bullshit! It’s enough to list Profanatica or Grand Beliel’s Key to make this thesis at least ridiculous. Well, Profanatica has some elements and influences of Death Metal in their music, but there’s still more Black in that. In case of Ashen Horde it isn’t as easy to say, I guess. I mean if not the last song, answer would be similar like with Profanatica. Just like in mentioned band there’s more elements of Black then Death, generally, on this four songs long EP (this is also released on vinyl, in my opinion can be called like that).

Actually even in last track called “Mourning Due” this is mostly like that. But we’re able to hear clear singing instead of blackened growling (there’re quite short moments when this is real Death one, too, by the way) in this song. Then even music changes and to be honest I can see (hear) that’s something like Heavy Metal then. But that are only moments. The most of riffs are Black, but there happen Death ones, too. Maybe not very broken, but still they’re brutal in Death way. We have also some a little Jazz or Funky, as for me at least, ones. Drums’ work is of course also developed, full of passages – especially in these slower parts, but not only. In general this is technical playing we have to do here with.

Anyways, I like this stuff more and more with every listening. So there’s a hope I’ll back to this quite often. Of course if life will give me permission. You know, work and writing reviews and so on take almost all my time. Well, I could say no to sleeping at all, but then, I afraid, I end up work after few days, so…

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