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Review: Arjen – Kad se slika iskrivi dovoljno

by Metal Jacket


Walking Stone Giants – Some Hell In My Heaven

1. Zanosni žar
2. Bijes
3. The Will of Ancients
4. The Principles of Madness Side
5. Gozba
6. Iz mraka u mrak
7. Pustinjak 

Label: Infinite Darkness Productions
Date: December 16, 2019

Arjen is the underground of the underground, I mean that in the best possible way. Bosnian one-man band released a crushing fist in the face to everyone. Like everyone who listened this piece of black magic art from depths of Bosnian hell, I also, had been stunned with the power that came out. This is pure audio manifest against human and civilian being.

I can not emphasize enough and express how much this album is filled with the feeling of anxiety, evil, and all-pervading disdain toward the… probably everything. If nihil has a face, that would be Arjen.

“Rat sa samim sobom. Rat sa svim što diše”. This is one text-part from song “Gozba” (eng. Feast), and this lyrics perfectly making picture what you can expect from this audio violence. “War with yourself. War with everything that breads” is straight message.

Music on this material is razor-sharp and will pierce your ears like a knife. H.P. (main and only man behind the band) really took some serious efforts to made this good sound. Every riff is perfectly placed and you can hear it, but yet again it is covered properly with cymbals and drumming whose making great background for this riff-shredding darkness.

I have only one, little objection for this full-length… Vocal is really too loud. His type of voice perfectly fits for this type of music, this riffs and this atmosphere, but it would be great if vocal was a little bit quiet and guitars more pushed in first rows. But all in all, this is great material.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is not well known for metal scene and especially not with black metal scene. For now, there has been only few bands that are carrying the torches through the Bosnian black metal grimness; Obskuritatem (Sarajevo), Zvijer (Banja Luka), Void Prayer (Sarajevo) and Arjen (Sarajevo). If they continue their works, Be sure that you will hear more great black metal sound from this war-torned country.

Arjen with his second album puts some new arrows in the hearts and eyes of humanity, be sure to check this unique piece of Bosnian black metal manifesto of nihilism and perdition.

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