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Review: Andeis – Servants of the Cold Night

by Daniel Pinheiro

Andeis – Servants of the Cold Night

1. Menin daur
2. Skalkos blindons nahts
3. Hailag leik
4. Wintrus hailagaizos aggwiþos
5. Andilausa aƕa azgons
6. Skauns dauþus
7. The Black Oath

Label: Lunar Apparitions & Esfinge de la Calavera 
Date: March 15, 2019

The entity that it is Andeis was first summoned in 2015. Since then, the three elements of the band have released two demos and a five-way split before releasing this short piece of demonic Black Metal in 2018. All material for this release was written by Laignech and Verwoesting between the years 1999-2016, with the lyrics being written in 2015, Æolythe being the mastermind behind the guitar work. The album was finally recorded in 2016. As you can see, the journey was hard… One track from each of the band’s previous demos was recovered for this first LP.

Less than 26 min is how long it takes to create the soundtrack to your demise, the musical guidelines for madness, the pathway to eternal disgrace. Well… What to say? I feel this album has the ability to, in one piece of music, gather the coldest, grimmest facet of Black Metal with beautiful and marvellous keyboard, atmospheric, ambient parts! Laignech, the man behind the voice, the bass and the keys, for Andeis, shows all his skills in every instrument he touches.

The keyboard arrangements are some of the best I have ever heard, in terms of Black Metal! I have been, since I was first introduced to Black Metal, a big fan of Black Metal with keyboard parts (you think of Emperor, I think more of Limbonic Art of even old Dimmu Borgir). Keyboard, in my opinion, when used properly, can add to the song that cold and necro ambiance. Think of Dungeon Synth and the atmospheres that many and many musicians create! Think of Zombie, for instance! I have never looked at keyboard as an instrument not allowed in Black Metal music, unlike many Trve Kvlt diehard fans that still, to this day, runs from it like the Devil from the cross… “Andilausa Aƕa Azgons” is fueled on keyboards… And it is hauting as few!

Keyboards are the main actor, and I find it wonderful, to be honest, and you can easily understand why, reading the previous paragraph, but that will not give you a fair and complete notion of why I find this to be one the most perfect fusions of Black Metal and keyboards I have heard in many many years! “Skauns Dauþus” is a 02:34 minute long track, instrumental, keyboard track. The Outro for a savage Raw Black Metal piece, and the Intro for a visceral Raw Black Metal hymn!

I was not aware of this band before I received the promo, and decided to give this release a go, very much based on the artwork and the logo. Not the best way to pick an album to review, but I still have that ’90s spirit of adventuring into things very much based on how it looks, as the aesthetic is, even now, something to have in consideration. The cover art is amazing and fits the music, perfectly! True, I did not expect to hear this hybrid of an album, but that only makes it, in my eyes, even more beautiful.

Striking, the adjective that best describes these seven musical constructions that flows very easily. These 7 tracks are, in fact, amazing. The way the album flows from raw to harmonious, from resentment to stillness, is overwhelming! Headphones on, a long walk… Peace of mind!

Music does take you places. Depending on your mindset, it can take you from the deepest pit in Hell to the calmest peaceful place on the physical world. This record those that, throughout its entirety, with such ease… The vocals are just on spot as it allows you to hear the full instrumental side of the music, which helps you get that general look at how the general basis of the music is built.

Raw, yet Melodic, “Servants of the Cold Night” is the best of two worlds, fused into one.

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