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Review: Ancestral Malediction – The Death Around Us

by Bart Tomaszewski

Ancestral Malediction – The Death Around Us

1. Transition to Extinction
2. Is it Still Time?
3. ECOnsume
4. Corrosive Form
5. Cosmic Phenomenon
6. Gravity Megaton
7. Harmony in Whispers
8. Congress of Dementia
9. Say no to the Mistakes
10. Among the Falses
11. Refliction’s Decade
12. Returning to Malediction

Label: Impaled Records
Date: 2016 

Here we have another proof how huge is our Metal universe. I mean, how many bands there’re around the world. This album is my the very first real meet with Ancestral Malediction, even if I’m the maniac of Metal scene from their country and continent in general, and even if it exists since 1994 and “Death Around Us” is third full-length of Brazilians based in Tremembé, state of São Paulo (they also have released four demos).

Well, this album is for me another proof for at least two things. First one is about, let’s call it, approach to the matter. This is not only about music thanx to who travel in time to the 90’s wait us – what as for me is extremely good news, by the way. But also about something what calls promotion, contrary to some Swedish band I saw live not so long time ago. But maybe my friends around all the fucking world and me are behind the times and we don’t know what promotion of the band, zine or even label means…?!?

Never mind!!! On “The Death…” we’ll find twelve real and classic as hell Death Metal tracks. And actually I could end up this review just right here. But l don’t do it  and will torment you a little more. I hate both to read and , even more, write sentences like “They sounds like…” and all this shit with comparisons. That’s why you’ll never read name of any other band then this one who I’m reviewing. The fact is that in music of Brazilians (as well as almost every another band) you can find huge influences of some ensembles, but all musicians are inspired by some bands, artists and so on. Actually this isn’t so very easy to say in what style of Death Metal Ancestral Malediction is “sitting” the most. You can always say that this is the most in what 80’s and 90’s from USA served (and in some examples still serve) us, but I can hear also some European or Latin American touches. Riffs are of course broken and brutal, they’re also diverse as well. You can recognize that musicians have big technical abilities, but technique serve on here to brutality – just like it should be in Metal. If you love and wait only for some solos and stuff like that, you should listen to some other band. Drums beat also variously, but dominate these faster parts of course. Tempo isn’t maybe too fast, but this is definitely how it should be in classic Death Metal.

So, to end and sum up, this is stuff for fans of mentioned above sub-genre of Metal, first of all! This album was released in 2016 by Impaled Rec. So hopefully quite soon we’ll all be able to listen to new creativity of Brazilians. And here I tell you about second thing “The Death Around Us” proofs. I mean my opinion which is “There’s no shitty bands in Brazil and in general South America!” Well, it can be always be so that I just have a huge luck since these thirty years, surely.

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