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Review: Alika, Obolus/Ond Vind, Chaotian 29.,30.,08.2020 Plan B,Malmö

by Bart Tomaszewski

Somehow I decided to write one report for both gigs, even if it wasn’t any festival or something. The truth is that primary these two days it should be second edition of Malmö Massacre Fest. But coz of we all know what guys had to cancel this – as well as many other gigs. However, since situation with this friggen virus in Sweden slowly is under control and here in Scania we almost haven’t such problems anymore, so gigs came back. And, to be honest, I always liked such ones the most. I mean, ones where play unknown, almost anonymous for me bands. Probably that’s why I’m into the Underground since so many years, by the way.Besides, the first day it was called by some Festival – Release Fest MMXX

Anyways, it began as always few hours earlier for me , coz I had to take away from train station my Metal brother who comes to Malmö on every concert. Then it was also as always – some lunch, beers, listening to the music and so on. Well, I’ll don’t tell you what we ate, how many breweries we drunk or even what albums we were listening to. Especially that i guess this isn’t something you wanna know. The most important thing took place something like 7 pm when we left home to go to the club. We were one of the very first people over there, by the way. As the first one, with a little delay, maybe fifteen minutes, played Alika. Three guys with contrabass instead of, let’s say, normal bass. Well, idea itself is probably very cool, but even if sound, as always actually, was very well, it was, except one or two situations, practically impossible to hear this. Unfortunately I know nothing about this band and even if I tried to dig, I lost this fight. That’s at least a little damage, coz the band is a good one and play interesting music. It was some kind of Doom Metal with Punk influences or something like that. This is not too easy to define their  music, but as longer they played as better it was.

After some time we used to grab the beer stage entered second and last this evening band called Obolus. This one care in some way about promotion. Well, I still have no idea how long they exist, but at least know what they released and where they’re from. Anyhow, in their case this is easy to define the music with some term. They call it Sludge/Doom Metal, but in my opinion there’re also some elements of Death you can find here. They gave good show during which they played, as I guess, songs from their debut album entitled just “Obolus”.

On Sunday there played two bands, too. This time different stylistically, but both were brutal as fuck. The first one, Ond Vind, presented us their vision of Black Metal. By  the way, they’re from my new home-city. I live in Malmö since quite long time (you can check out how many it is in some other review I once wrote) and threat this city like that. However, these guys, as you already know, if you read with comprehension, don’t play in some atmospheric or symphonic games. They just create quite short songs and this is surely this brutal and uncompromising kind of Black Metal. But in my opinion it absolutely wasn’t something primitive or pedestrian. Even contrary – I could hear that guys think during creating their songs.

As the last one entered the stage, of course after some break, guests from Copenhagen. And here we had with old school Death Metal (not only musically, but also when it takes logo and even look like of musicians) to do. Guys present more American style, but  with Scandinavian, not so little, touches. Actually when I listened to their music I felt like I was back in first half of nineties. But the band itself is a young one and was born 2017. Guitarist and vocalist Soren had some experience in playing in the band when Chaotian became a fact, but still this is nothing breathtaking, I guess. Anyways, they gave very good show this evening, too.

Crowd’s, even if this is abuse to use just this word when we speak about maybe 57 people, was quite similar to last time (Saturday’s gig, I mean).The main reason, I wanna believe, was that we once again were sitting on chairs. Well, I saw, and participated in,  of course, some headbanging here and there. But as a huge contrast I saw also guys who were more interested in their fuckin’ mobiles then in a gig – they actually didn’t look at stage at all, even for a while! I could, even if hardly, understand it if bands were crappy and played some boring shit. But it was for fuck sake even contrary! I think you’ll hear about both of them more and do it soon.

The only bad thing connected with this concert was it was on Sunday and next day I had to go to the fuckin’ job, what means waking me up at 5.18 am… But I somehow survived this Monday and that’s why I tormented you with my report. Amen!

Photo by Gianluca La Bruna

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