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Review: Aka Funeral – The Endless Eye

by Bart Tomaszewski

Review: Aka Funeral – The Endless Eye

1. The Nameless One
2. For My Eternal Evil
3. The Fire Remains
4. Under the Crown of Death
5. Absence
6. Inanimatus
7. Presence

Label: Songs for Satan 
Date: March 19, 2019

Here’s another band from Belo Horizonte and another one who’s released by Songs for Satan. This rime relative young one (created in 2014) and presenting other sub-genre of our beloved music. Well,after the name, logo and even, in my opinion, artwork this is quite easy to guess what kind of Metal these three guys play. Yes, this is Black Metal. Well, it’ll surely not be something for fans of so called the only true Black Metal, where some evil feelings probably are, maybe even in huge number, but anything more and the most of bands sounds the same. Brazilians have many influences and ideas, as I hear, which are quite far from what the most of you have on mind when hear words “Black Metal”. Yeah, this is in my opinion classic, I can hear on “The Endless Eye” some old good bands who’re very important for history and development of mentioned above genre Riffs create some kind of melody – often quite twisty, but still somehow catchy. We have also some guitar tricks, some kind of solos and so on here. Especially “Absence” is like that! We can say, a Metal hit… Eheheheh… Drumming is developed, too. Probably that’s why and coz of middle tempo songs are long. All is seasoned with real Black Metal vocal. Of course you can easy compare them with some more well-known bands, but since I do never things like that… As I said, there’s many influences of another genres of our beloved music and in ”For My Eternal Evil” we have some rare and untypical (even if this is whole made of metal), we can say, instrument part. By the way, here you can easily hear touch of non-Metal music The fastest one is also the last one – “Presence”. Anyways, this is the second full-length of Aka Funeral. The previous one was released 2016 and called “Stormy Tide”. Besides they participated in split “Alianza maldita sudamericana” (2018) with Eutamos, Luciferian and legendary, at least in my opinion, Anal Vomit. Well, I didn’t hear their debut, but it had good review, as far as I know and after listening (something like maybe 95 times) of “The Endless Eye” I believe it was a good album. Simply, this is very hard to believe for me that they could record some shit and then, after three years, masterpiece like reviewing by me album!

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