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Repressor releases lyric video of “Tamo Aí”

by Metal Jacket

The band REPRESSORTS has been reaping the fruits of the great repercussion of the album “MONGUITOR” (2021), which at the time was among the great releases of heavy music in Rio de Janeiro. As a way to crown all this recognition, the band niteroiense released the lyric video of the track “TAMO Here”, which was directed and edited by the drummerGABRIEL RUSSEL.

Following the heavy and direct line of the songs of “MONGUITOR”, the hit “TAMO AÍ”brings all the power of the duo guitar riffsKATTENBACHandGUILHERME MARCHI, which also accumulates the role of vocalist, along with the strong presence of the bass ofBeauty of the Bestand the drumsticks ofGABRIEL RUSSEL.

With a message direct to the point and letter beyond brutal,“TMO AÍ”reflects on topics such as violence within human relationships. According to the guitaristKATTENBACH, the idea behind the concept of lyric video was to use scenes of fighting movements to dialogue with the theme.
“I have been practicing Muay Thai for a long time and our vocalist Guilherme Marchi has been graduated in Jud jud, explains Caio.“There are some artists who take excerpts of movies, series or drawings and leave looping during the song or use a video fragment that was produced according to the theme. Our idea came from there”, reflected.

Originally founded in 2006, theREPRESSORINGwas reborn in 2015 with a new lineup, but with the same ideal of embracing genuinely Brazilian rhythms and melodies such as baião and forró, along with the weight and speed of thrash metal.

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