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Report: Yuvigi & Ognjena Kočija @ Kuglaš, Belgrade, 28.4.2018.

by Srđan Radovanović

Setting foot inside the Kuglaš sure brought back some memories. As penniless students, it was one of our go-to places for underground gigs with fairly cheap booze. It wasn’t optimal but we took what we could. Not a lot has changed since, except said gigs are a lot more scarce nowadays, having been replaced by different forms of entertainment and artistic expression. But look at me reminiscing about the good old days when the future is now.

I have only recently heard of this event and I thought to myself, all right, how about a change of scenery. Besides, things have been fairly quiet all month so I gave this one a go, being only preliminarily informed about the bands in question.

Ognjena kočija

Ognjena Kočija (eng. Chariot of Fire, yeah I had to put this in) are a band from Novi Sad. They’ve been around for a few years and their shtick is the Slavic mythology, not a theme we see that often. So using the framework of what we all know as Pagan Metal, they tell us stories of Perun, the divine battles and just generally being quite pumped by all that, all in the native Serbian language.

This promising young quartet are sure teeming with raw energy, their stuff is explosive. But even though it’s right up my alley, I am kind of used to having at least some sort of a mix-up in my pagan metal. This is certainly not bad, but I’m sure if the guys keep it up, they will keep refining their craft, explore some new waters and add some more layers to their expression. Their show lasted a bit under an hour but it gave off a visceral vibe to all 19 of us in the crowd.


On the other hand, Bulgarian band Yuvigi are a completely different package. Their focus is progressive metal and obviously, they have a different approach. With 3 albums under their belt, they are making a name for themselves in the local scene. Their current album “From Black” is generating quite some buzz in the area. Their major influences are obviously Dream Theater and Queensryche but you can kind of detect some Leprous in all that, so yeah it’s a solid package.

There is one thing though. We all agree that English is the universal language at this point and in terms of music, it’s much easier to break through with that strategy. I, however, don’t necessarily find that strictly good, and Yuvigi are a good example, being unable to hide their native accents, throwing me off fairly. Now don’t get me wrong, when it comes to linguistics I am nowhere near the level I am talking about, I mean for the love of god don’t make me speak unless I absolutely need to. This is the same gripe I had with stuff like Nightwish even though they were all the rage back in the day. So, yeah, some would say it’s nitpicking but that was my general impression.

The sound quality was par for the course when we talk about this place, so not good by any stretch of the imagination but definitely better than some other venues I’ve been to. The turnout is a different story though. I have mentioned 19 previously but that number dropped down to 10-ish as time went on. It’s not like the place can hold a whole lot more people anyway but at one point a dog walked in the venue, and it got more attention from the crowd than the performers.

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