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Report: Yob & Black Cobra @ Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, 28.9.2016

by Kastelan

On the 28th of September Zagreb’s Vintage Industrial Bar hosted two legendary Doom/Stoner/Sludge Metal bands from the USA: Yob and Black Cobra.

The first band on the bill for the night were Black Cobra from California. This gallant duo earned their status with a mix of stoner riffs, chrushing blast beats and harsh thrash/HC vocals. They have been active for the last 15 years and brought out 1 EP, 1 Split record and 5 full length releases.

Domestic audience was very eager to see both bands. Despite the delayed beginning of the concert, the half an hour of wait served its purpiose and got the listeners to a working temperature. Without any conversation introduction or unnecessary handshakes with the first rows, the two guys from Black Cobra sweeped with speed and cunning through their work. Its important to say that their music isnt just a homogenous mix of different elements, but a well defined exchange of playing styles and genres. Any listener can feel the beginning and end of an predominantly death metal part, or a predominantly stoner part, wich is awesome, and raises Black Cobra up from the rest who technically play the same “genre” as they do.

For a metal band of two, one could easily think that they are lacking some things, but these two guys, despite being very very raw, arent missing a thing. They mastered the guitar-drum thing and are doing a great job in general. Of course without a bass guitar, the efectless drums can seem a bit barren and a lack of changes in tempo can be misleading, and lead some into thinking they arent innovative enough, but that is not the case for Black Cobra. With such a wonderfull performance, we can only hope to see them again very soon.

At around 11 p.m. an swift exchange happened on the stage, the drums were changed, the amps rearranged, and everything was set for Yob. The doom metal giants from Eugene, Oregon, started back in 96′ and earned their status in the metal world (and a place in the heart of this reporter) with their unique sound, astonishing performance and a consistent quality throughout 7 long plays.

The simplicity of their stage presence is a great contrast to the power of their sound. With a simple-as-it-gets drum kit, and a moderate amount of amps and speakers, they arent an huge eye-candy per se, but give out tremendous amounts of sound. A shoutout has to be given to the sound tech because every note was audiable, and there were no blind (deaf) spots in the whole venue, you could hear whats going on in the front and in the back. This is a rare commodity for Vintage Industrial Bar, and the techie really earned his pay this time. The audience was completely in synch with Yob, and headbanged to the chrushing weight of the riffs, but stayed away from any moshing, wich is great because it shows concentration and dedication for the music.

From the first song to the last, there was no pesky promotion of their newer material, the setlist was a great mix of older and newer songs. Slower and faster ones, and I can say that every fan got what they wanted. After paying Marrow, they called Jason Landarian (singer for Black Cobra) to the stage to perform “Nothing to Win” with them, wich was a culmination of the concert, and a prelude for the end of the show.

Both bands played their first gig in Croatia, Zagreb’s audience gave them a warm ald long awaited welcome. With high hopes of seeing them again in Croatia, all I can say is that they were fucking awesome!


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