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Report: Witchcraft & Arwat @ Randevu/Danđn Bar, Osijek, 14.12.2019

by Metal Jacket
Witchcraft 1988

December 14th was a night to remember, at least for Croatian metalheads from town of Osijek. When I first heard that there’ll be heavy metal show on Saturday, I kind of knew I’d be there. During that cold autumn night something hellishly hot was brewing in the dungeons of Randevu club. That night the Danđn (Dungeon) has played host to two bands. It is kind of a not so large basement dedicated to Gods of Metal, a spiritual asylum for chosen few seeking underground metal nourishment. Also, it’s worthy to mention that our town has a very small population of metalheads, so when I say that there were about 100 people present in the club at that time… Well that’s a lot.

Two metal bands collided that night with distinctive sound signatures. Female fronted Witchcraft opened with some really wild and solid heavy/thrash metal. Witchcraft is a Croatian band from 80’s that retained its old-school vibe. Being a Dejan Katalenić’s project, a lot of famous musicians are associated with this band: Siniša Vuco, Goran Karan, Michael Kiske, Ralph Scheepers, Jutta Weinhold, Henning Basse, and many more. Even though the band has been split up since 2002. It seems that, in the last few years, they have been truly revived, and are steadily working on refreshing the old material. Vocalist Tanja Melanie Hrvat is doing a really good job with her voice, reminding me slightly of Leather Leone of Chastain, with a more sinister twist. During their performance, the member of the band pulled out a mannequin leg. Quickly after being embraced by the crowd it began crowd-surfing the dungeon, because why the hell not.

Directly following was the highly anticipated local thrash/black metal band Arwat, with their very first ever live appearance. Recently, they released their first debut release, an EP entitled “Aryan Heretic” consisting of six songs that they played during this show to epitomise the beauty of thrash metal. The climax of the night happened with the Iron Maiden’s “Be Quick Or Be Dead” featuring Tanja Melanie Hrvat on the mic. I don’t have to say how the crowd reacted. Also, when the show was over, fans shouted: “We want more!”, and: “Play again Black Magic Spell Of Doom!”, so the band had to honor their wishes before leaving their gear, and heading to proudly indulge in well deserved alcoholic beverages (aka beer).

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