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Report: Weedpecker & Sunnata @ Močvara, Zagreb, 28.2.2019

by Kastelan

An unusually warm Thursday at the end of February was made even warmer due to the performance of Sunnata and Weedpecker, young psychedelic/stoner legends which are both coming from Poland, and this was the first time ever for these bands to perform in Croatia.

Sunnata, what means “emptiness” in sanskrit, are a stoner/sludge band from Warszaw which began experimenting with noise and post metal already in 2008, but under a different name – Satellite Beaver. They renamed into “Sunnata” around December 2013, and that counts as the official beginning of the band, after which the band soon started releasing their material.

Weedpecker were also formed in Warszaw in 2012, when the Dobry brothers came to idea to combine psychedelic rock tunes with elements of stoner and grunge rock. In the following seven years, the band released three albums which contain some of the best heavy psychedelic music of the decade.


The doors opened at 20:00, and at 21:00, Sunnata started to warm up the audience of around 20-30 people. Their music was varied, from harsh sludge and stoner riffs to simple and relaxing, rather ambiental, oriental music and their performance was quite well done and was emphasized using few simple stage effects such as the fan and vintage amplifiers.

They left the stage at 22:00 for Weedpecker to come in, and by then the hall was somewhere half full, and it stayed like that for the most of the time, which is a perfect amount of people for a concert – not too empty, but also not overcrowded that the same time. Their performance was a bit shorter than the one of Sunnata, but their music was quite enjoyable, hypnotizing the listeners and leading them into some other dimensions. The concert ended around 23:15 and after that we spoke a word or two with some of the band members.

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