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Report: Viva La Pola! @ Uljanik, Pula, 13.-14.7.2018

by Darko Rajic
Sick Crap

In rare occasions you can go on out on Saturday night in the City of Pula and really enjoy. NYHC veterans, Madball, at feverish weather, had solid fans support at club’s terrace. Fans who came all over Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Italy and Serbia had a great time.

Besides Biohazard and Agnostic Front, Madball is one the third HYHC band that visited Pula within Viva La Pola!, and if I may say, the best live band from that genre. Maybe subjective point of view, but I can afford that luxury to myself.

upsetWith half hour of delay, Sick Crap, hard core band from Pula, hit the stage. So young, but so strong, for all those who are watching them for the first time, yet so old school. The band that was formed a year ago, despite the youth, highly skilled, raw energy, powerful vocal that liberates cruel messages, just the way it should be if e are speaking of HC. Angry and loud, they played their set list to the ultimate atoms of power and at the end they shared the stage with Shadow MC, raper from Pula, whom with aggressive vocal moved already great atmosphere. Well done boys!

After a short break, .upset!, from the City of Zabok, hit the stage. Very good warm up choice, so as Sick Crap. Although, .upset! is more than worm up. With ten years behind and new vocalist, they showed that Croatia has a lot to show if we are talking about hard core. Of course, we can not forget Deafness By Noisew, Stronghold, Katran and Anger! .upset is all about energy, chaos and true hard core. Honest, wild and positive. They showed why they deserved being a Madball support band for sure.

After .upset!, another short break and than… Pinball! Literally! Freddy Madball is all over the place. He sings, he jumps, rising the pulse and communicates friendly with fans. Like we are having a barbecue. Great interaction with fans is their trade mark, and now I have a chance to convince myself. Freddie called us, who are watching the Madball for the first time, Madball virgins, hoping that wont be our last time. No way, if you are asking me! He asked fans who will win World Cup, and added he hopes it would be Croatia. Instant chaos!


Besides Madball promoted new album, we could hear some evergreen songs. I have to mention total chaos when around thirty fans joined the band on stage and singed along.

Merchandise was rich and diverse, by reasonable prices. Vinyl, CD’s T-shirts, caps… They got it all!

In the end… Big thanks to organizers and bands! See you again!

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