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Report: Valhalla Festival 2019 @ Močvara, Zagreb, 10.-11.5.2019

by Lukrecija Mesek

Like every year I can’t wait to visit Valhalla festival. Why? Well, I always have a blast with my friends and it’s kinda like tradition. Every year it brings us ton of great bands and this year was no exception.

This year I gathered some amazing stories with my friends, but I won’t be sharing them with you because I would have to censor way too much of it. Plus I don’t wanna give ideas to some of the younger readers. But enough of chit chat about why this is a great festival, let’s see what was going on.

Friday, 10th May

It was a shitty day because of rain, and I was running a bit late to see the first band, but we manage to catch Dickless Tracy on stage. The guys were rockin’ so hard. What a way to start this festival. I really enjoyed their performance, but the crowd wasn’t awake just yet.

Po Metra Crijeva

Next on the stage we greeted Po’ Metra Crijeva. Great band from Rijeka. First and only Ča-metal bend. I was wowed out of my mind to hear what they did. Great riffs, and combination of metal and traditional music. Every time I see them play they make me laugh and I really feel like they put me in some out of space experience. The communication with the crowd was really great and they made us move.

When Rezet took the stage, we were greeted with great combination of speed and thrash metal, and it was like awakening even for hardcore sleepers. They dominated the stage and showed us once again the greatness of metal music. Strong riffs blasting through speakers made us bang our heads and the sound swiped us from our feet.

Even though by now we were enjoying great metal bands, somehow everyone were waiting for next band to come on stage. I would say, that by this point everyone were pretty hyped up for headliner of day one. Who could it be… Of course, I’m talking about Nervosa.


As we greeted the girls on stage they came out as strong as they could. I was really impressed with the sound. And oh my god, that girl on the drums, Luana, she’s the queen of them all. I can’t find words to describe what she did with those drums, but after listening to what she can do, all those drum boys can learn a thing or two from her. All in all, these girls took all the fame of first day. They blasted the roof off with the sound and left us wanting more.

As time passed by we were reaching to the end of the first day of the festival. Last band Stranger was a bit of a downer. The music was good and on point, but the band didn’t interact with the crowd that much. Of course, by the end of the first day, there weren’t much people left. But we put our hopes into day two of the festival.


Saturday, 11th May

This time we arrived a bit early. Hoping to make it up for being late the day before.

The honor of opening the second day felt on Sedativ. Really cool guys from Žiškovec. They say that they play thrash metal, but they performed a cover of Tajči. So I’m really questioning what’s going on there. They also introduced us to the world of gaming with their Counter Strike themed song. Really cool and chill band with great perspective in future. Hopefully we’ll see them play somewhere else soon.

Next on the stage was Keops. With combination of hard rock and metal, they warmed up this crowd. Nice melodies made us really chill and relaxed. Really nice way to relax drinking the beer and listening to music. I swear I could hear the discussion between my friends comparing them to Dino Jelusić.

Flesh. That’s all I could say. The guys brought to us the same energy and power like every time up to this point. Every time I see them play live I’m really excited. Really great riffs and melodies, and Roko’s perfect voice to connect everything together. They surprised the crowd with inviting their friends to the stage, one of them was Dino Jelusić. They moved the crowd and made total chaos. I can’t wait to see them live again.

After starting chaos, Infest from Serbia made even bigger chaos. It was loud and heavy. They come out strong and tear up the walls of Močvara. The strong voice of Vandal blow my mind. Their energy was amazing and they connected really great with the crowd.

Closing of the festival felt on Sufosia’s back. Song after song they delivered clean vocals and beautiful melodies. I enjoyed every note and it was nice to see them on the stage again. After couple of songs they were joking about “leaving the stage, that that was it”, but they brought even more songs after that, and made the perfect ending of the festival.

I went home before official ending of the festival. Both days we skipped the metal party, but we really enjoyed the bands. I can’t wait for the next year, to have even greater stories than this year.

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