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Report: Valhalla Festival 2018 @ Močvara, Zagreb, 11-12.5.2018

by Kastelan

Valhalla festival 2018 was held on the 11th and 12th of May 2018 in Zagreb’s Klub Močvara. As usual, the two day festival featured a lot of interesting bands. The first day I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of people that showed up; I haven’t seen that many people in Močvara in a while.

The line up of the first day was straight up genius with something for everyone. Opening the festival were Polarity Of Life, a melodic death metal band from Zagreb. Even though they were the first band, a lot of people showed up, but there was still a distance from the crowd since they just came so most of them were just standing and banging their head a little. The band itself made a great set and you could see that they have a perspective. Second on the stage was supposed to be Krlja but they switched places with Vulvathrone so some people got a little confused. Vulvathrone, a brutal death metal bend from Slovenia got the crowed moving a little more so the head banging has really began. Krlja, a Zagreb favorite death metal/ grindcore band really got the party started with a dirty and heavy sound and the audience went wild. Probably the band most people came for, Gutalax, was next. They are a gore-grind/pornogrind band that got famous because of their shit stories. Avant-garde lyrical approach with the extreme grindcore sound made the band famous. Safe to say that everybody went nuts and there was a shit ton of moshing and people throwing toilet paper around; props the best party Močvara has seen. To finish the first day, on the stage came Frozen Forest; a black metal band very well known in Zagreb. The dark atmosphere mixed with their stage presence and set up was perfect for finishing the first day.

The second day was quite a turn; a lot less people showed up which was a disappointing thing to see. Then again most Croatian metalheads only go to big name bands. And the diversity of the second day was low since 90% of the bands were heavy metal and it’s understandable that this was not everybody’s cup of tea. Opening the second day was Flamethrower, a heavy metal band from Koprivnica. Again, since being the first band, the venue wasn’t full even, but the crowd excepted them very well. Next was Metalsteel, also a heavy metal band but from Slovenia. They were the most enthusiastic band of the day and really gave their all. Flesh, a heavy metal band from Zagreb went on the stage next. The set was full of jokes since the audience was mostly made of their friends so the atmosphere was really laid back. When the Serbian thrash band NadimaČ came to the stage everybody went wild and the people started moshing and headbanging to their pretty brutal sound; they also got the best reaction of the audience of all the bands on the second day. Closing the whole festival was Undercode, also a heavy metal band from Zagreb that was formed in the 90s. You could see in their performance that they were out of it for a while but they still made quite a show that the crowd loved and closed everything in a great way.

Special thanks to Zvonimir Marić

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