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Report: Trivium, Power Trip & Venom Prison @ Tvornica kulture, Zagreb, 1.4.2018

by Metal Jacket

This time we had a chance to see for the first time Trivium in Croatia and the concert happened to be on Easter. No bunnies on stage but they united forces with two bands that are making an uprising on the metal scene, they are Power Trip and Venom Prison. Code Orange is also a part of their tour but they played only selected shows and unfortunately Croatia was not in their checklist. We came early to the club where you could see a bunch of fans waiting for their metal heroes and a chance for autograph or a new Instagram picture. Everything was going as planned and at 19:25 p.m. Venom Prison started shredding.

Venom PrisonOk, so Venom Prison also played their first gig in Croatia and I was reading a lot about them in 2017. Their start as a band was a boom and everyone who listened to a band Wolf Down knew that vocal for Venom Prison is their ex member Larissa. They convey a very strong political and feminist message that says fuck fascism, fuck rapists and fuck everyone who supports that shit. Their show started heavy and loud. They were very focused and Larissa showed us why everyone was talking about her singing. But…one thing I could not concentrate on their show was the lighting. This was the worst stroboscope experience I had and it was harder than some “techno” parties I accidentally went on. It was so hard to watch the show that at one point people started to go out. I listened to their show till the end and can say that I was happy to have survived it without a seizure. All around, a good sound, pretty good death metal riffs, dynamic show and tight drumming but the vocals as the show went on started to drop a bit. Her vocal was not as powerful and energetic as it was in the beginning. Also I thought that a band with as strong message as theirs would have parts where someone talks about it and explains it a bit, but the show was straightforward. Larissa had a few “stage popular” parts where she asked everyone how they are doing and to mosh at their breakdowns and at the end thanked Trivium and Power Trip on a great tour. Hope to see them once at a show with a more private atmosphere because I can’t say that I felt their vibes in the fullest.

Power Trip

Next on the stage comes a band from Dallas, Texas called Power Trip. This is also their first time playing here and I was very interested about their show because a lot of people told me things about them like “man they sound amazing, if you like old school Sepultura and Slayer you will love ‘em”. I didn’t listen to a lot to their music so the concert was a surprise for me. As they cranked out their first riffs I could tell where this is going and hell yeah, the people were right about their sound. Old school trash metal sound with a touch of crossover, Kirk Hammett solos, classic straight fast drumming and vocals like a bastard child of Anselmo and Araya, so to speak. The show was tight though, very nice atmosphere and good stage moving. They also didn’t talk very much except driving fans to mosh more and the vocal said in one moment sarcasticly that he does not like to be labeled a Trump voter. I was happy about the light show also because that stroboscope fucking stopped. Power Trip managed to bring in more older fans that longed for that flashback sound of their first 80’s Sepultura/Pantera/Metallica concert. As the show ended, a lot of people left the building leaving the finale of Trivium to “kids”.


Trivium have a lot of fans in Croatia who wanted to see their act here for a long time. The show was as expected, the most crowded, and the fans were singing their lyrics from beginning. Trivium opened very energetically with their song “The Sin And The Sentence” from their latest same titled album. Sound was professional and everything from vocals to drums sounded tight. They played mostly new songs and “In waves” album so older fans didn’t get the right dose of older stuff. The parts where they play sounded good but the parts with talking to fans sounded like a template. I know that when you tour a long time show must be planned from start till the end, but I didn’t get that feeling like some fans that flipped their minds. At least Matt learned to say some Croatian words. This was the third time I saw Trivium and the first time in an indoors venue. I must say they do sound much better in closed type shows than on festivals. They shared with us that the show in Zagreb was the 100th show for their drummer since he came under their wing. As the show proceeded I must say I got a bit bored but the fans didn’t hold back a bit. It was a bit long and it seemed that everyone just wanted to hear the ending hymn “In Waves”. But before “In Waves”, Matt asked everyone to crouch and jump on his signal what made the last boom this evening.

All together a nice show, a nice opportunity to see them play in Croatia but for me personally, not the best Trivium concert ever. After the show, as sseen on Matt’s Instagram profile, the band said hi to their most faithful fans who waited for them till 03:00am to get out from the venue. If somebody missed the concert they said that they will be back in Zagreb so we’ll see if they can keep their promise.

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