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Report: Therion, Imperial Age, Null Positiv & The Devil @ Tvornica kulture, Zagreb, 5.3.2018

by Metal Jacket

So the Swedish operatic wild beast under the name of Therion returned to Croatia, took them a while as well too: a good eight years since they graced us with their presence. Although is not for other reasons but Christofer’s health problems and a bit year gap between their albums.

Although we were not present at their last concert in club Boogaloo 11.7.2010 but it was said it was a musical and visual spectacle.

The DevilAt around 18:30, first band on stage was The Devil. There are a lot of mixed feelings about this band. First of all, positive sides are they are great instrumental band and that is pretty much it. On the other hand, few people who were in the venue at that time didn’t understand what is the concept behind this band. Secondly, 30-minute show seemed like 2 hour Swan Lake ballet dance and by this I mean it was as boring as hell.

A discount Ghost clone with no vocalist and zero percent charm. A bad start.

Luckily, Null Positiv is coming next after.

Null PositivNewcomers from Germany playing alternative metal with their female vocalist Elli Berlin promoting their new album “Koma”. Although we are not the biggest fans of the genre they did a great show. Very tight and great sound as well as their performance, very fluid as well the vocalist switching from impressive growls to clean singing. She had an awesome contact and body language with the slowly but surely growing audience. Skipping on song announcements but hitting us with number after number with no sign of fatigue. They definitely brought up our moods back after the awful first band.

Imperial Age

Next on stage was Russian band Imperial Age. Band was founded in 2010 by Alexander “Aor” Osipov. On this tour they promoted their brand new album “The Legacy of Atlantis” published by Adulruna Records owned by mastermind Christofer Johnsson. With beautiful backdrop, band played their 45-minute set dressed as warriors. They were really grateful to play their show in front of the Croatian audience. Their drummer had a birthday the same night so the whole crowd and the band wished him happy birthday. Imperial Age did a very stellar performance and excellent symphonic/operatic warm-up, but the masters of the genre are coming up next.


Right on time at 21:30 they entered the stage and fan hype spread across the Tvornica Kulture. They opened the show with “Theme of The Antichrist “,song from a new album called “Beloved Antichrist”. They played 5 songs from that album and most of the setlist was reserved for Therion classics. Show continued with “Blood Of Kingu” which is well known song from Therion classic catalog. Elli Berlin joined on stage to perform “Din” and after her performance show was taken to another level. “Nifelheim”, “Ginnungagap”, “Lemuria”, “Der Mitternachtslöwe” and “Son of the Staves of Time” were most important parts of regular set. Words can´t describe the joy of the fans. Band was called for an encore and they performed “The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah” and “To Mega Therion”. Before the last song Christofer thanked Croatian fans for coming and said that male part of the audience are true gentlemans for letting female audience to be in the front row. One of the downsides of the whole evening is that there wasn’t a merch stand where fans could buy official Therion tour shirts. Christofer stated that the main reason was the promoter who asked for higher merch fee. All in all promoter did a great job for organising this beautiful evening and sound was beyond expectations.

Who says that Mondays always suck?

This one was magical.

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