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Report: Swallow The Sun, October Tide & Oceanwake @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana, 8.11.2019

by Metal Jacket
October Tide

The times have come again when it is necessary to travel at least to Ljubljana to enjoy the good metal concert which bypassed our beautiful country. Rainy and somber night on the way to Ljubljana were a perfect intro for the atmosphere expected on melodic death doom delicacy which was expecting us in Orto Bar.

Exceptionally early start of the gig at 19:30 had an expected consequence of near empty hall for Oceanwake. The band provided an interesting mixture of progressive, death, doom and post-metal. Throughout 45 minutes of their performance, the venue slowly begun to fill, which resulted in a better overall impression. Oceanwake did a decent performance in such circumstances. It was atmospheric, interesting music wise, but without any striking visuals. It was great to see this band, since they rarely had tours at this point. Judging by this performance there is a lot of potential in this band’s performance, so hopefully we will see them again in these parts soon enough.

Next off were melodic death doom legends October Tide. This band has gained a cult status throughout the years, so it was expected that much more people will be present for their show. The other factor that could contribute to this is the fact that they also rarely play live or go on fulltime tours. They mostly do festivals from time to time. So October Tide for start had a decently filled concert hall. Their set list consisted mostly of the songs from their latest album “In Splendor Below”, but they didn’t forget to turn back to some timeless classics like “12 Days of Rain” and “Grey Dawn”. It was a truly outstanding experience of melodic death doom in its darkest. The sound in Orto Bar was great and combined with the band’s contact with the audience it provided a very enjoyable concert experience. It was definitely a worthwhile show, only criticism about their performance is that they didn’t play a bit longer. However, we hope for a headlining performance of this band very soon, to show us their dark death doom atmosphere in its full glory.

And finally we have the headliner of the evening Swallow the Sun. While the bar, the merchandise stand and the smoking room were visited frequently during the performances of October Tide and Oceanwake, now everyone was focused on only one thing and that was Swallow the Sun. They started their performance with a title track from their latest album “When a Shadow Is Forced into the Light”, which was the main focus of the set list for this tour and this concert was no exception. The sound was great throughout their performance, as it was during the whole evening. Despite focusing mostly on the new album, the band didn’t forget to play all time fan favorites like “Deadly Nightshade”, “New Moon”, “Cathedral Walls” and “Don’t Fall Asleep”. It’s only a big shame that they completely avoided songs from “Ghosts of Loss”, which really offered some of their most memorable hits. But due to the time constrains, we won’t hold that against them very much. The performance was full of emotions whether from the band’s whether from the audience’s side. It was a truly emotional rollercoaster of a show. The band has fulfilled the audience’s expectations and achieved great dark atmosphere despite the complete lack of communication with the audience. Despite the band’s rather reserved stance, there was no doubt that emotions that came from their music were true and they were indeed felt among the audience. As always they finished their set with their regular closer “Swallow”. It was overall a concert to remember full of emotions and great energy from the band’s and the audience’s side.

It was a great evening of melodic death doom metal, in which all three band delivered very satisfying performances. Hopefully, we will have a chance to see such package next time in our beautiful little country, since many of this great tours avoided us through the years. Most recent example after this would be Omnium Gatherum, In Mourning and Heidra show, as well as Destroyer 666 and Dead Congregation show at the same venue. But you know what they say, hope dies last.

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