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Report: Stonebride & Kevlar Bikini @ Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, 13.11.2019


Another stoner doom Wednesday, with appropriate rainy weather adding to the atmosphere. Last Wednesday we’ve had a chance to see Conan, Un and Sixes, three fantastic foreign doom artists, and this Wednesday was dedicated to local doom – promising Stonebride, backed up by the experimental hardcore band Kevlar Bikini.

Not many people were present for Kevlar Bikini‘s performance and the hall felt half empty, but it didn’t prevent the band from delivering the best performance they can. The sound was quite good and the band’s energy could be felt in the air. Even though their music didn’t quite resonate with me, I can say that it was an enjoyable experience and I think most of the people there would agree with me. It was a good intro for the rest of the evening which belonged to Stonebride.

When Stonebride took the stage, the number of people increased. The hall was decently filled and the energy in the audience was consistent. The sound crew did a great job on a technical level, because every tone could be perfectly heard and it boosted the band’s overall performance. The new material from “Animals on Display” EP was received very well by the fans and the older material was also a great fit. They provided a solid mixture of psychedelic doom and stoner metal. It made for a great musical extravaganza. Stonebride’s new bassist fits perfectly with the rest of the band, achieving a great cohesion. The audience got so into the band’s performance that they even demanded an encore – a wish that Stonebride decided to fulfil. They left the stage on a very satisfactory note.

It’s great to see that, despite the rainy weather and the working week, people still find the time and strength to support the local bands. Worth noting is that on the same day, three local metal/rock bands had a performance in Hard Place for FREE and yet, more people decided to come to Vintage Industrial Bar. People indeed recognize the quality of local bands and support them whether there is a ticket price or not. It would be nice that  the two gigs aren’t on the same day, but this has become sort of a tradition in Zagreb. Stonebride made sure we had a very pleasant evening and I can’t wait for more such gigs in the future with many more interesting local acts.

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