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Report: Soulfly & LIV @ Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, 3.7.2018

by Ivan Slunjski

It has been less than 2 years since the thrash metal icon Max Cavalera played in front of Croatian audience. Soulfly brought too short portion of their tribal thrash-death music. Along with them on this concert was Croatian speed/thrash metal bend LIV.

At around 21:00 LIV entered the stage. Formed in 2009 in Zagreb, they are well known thrash force in our area. In 2017 they have released their first studio album and on this concert they have represented it. In their 40-minute set they did a great job as an opening act.


Next on stage was Soulfly. Concert started around 22:00 and they opened their set with song “Frontlines” , followed by the “Prophecies” immediately ahead.

Further concert continued with songs “Blood, Fire, Blood, Hate” and “Rise of the Fallen”. Max and the guys performed new song “Summoning” which will be included in the new album. “Bleed/Plata o Plomo” was for me the best part of the concert because this two songs are for me the best songs that Soulfly ever released. Setlist included one classic Sepultura song, “Refuse/Resist”.


At the end of the show Soulfly performed snippet of “Jumpdafuckup” and “Eye For An Eye” while the last minute was reserved for Iron Maiden cover of “Trooper”. Soulfly thanked the Croatian audience for this very sweaty show.

Biggest downside of the show was its shortness but the show was really energetic from beginning to the end. Forgive me for a brief report, it’s not easy to type on a ship through a mobile phone. However, the concert was really great and I hope to see these guys as soon as possible!

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