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Report: Siberian Meat Grinder & Nether @ AKC Attack, Zagreb, 7.7.2019


Usually Sunday’s night would be reserved for relaxation at home. However, this Sunday many people gathered in AKC Attack for Siberian Meat Grinder. As many of you already know, this is the third time that Siberian Meat Grinder has visited Zagreb. First two times they performed in Vintage Industrial Bar with support from Shin. Now the venue and supporting act was changed to make things a bit more interesting. Their first two performances in Zagreb were praised by many, so this one was expected to be no exception and it wasn’t.


However, first thing’s first. Before we had a chance to see Siberian Meat Grinder once again, we were greeted by a local supporting act called Nether. I’ve seen these guys live many times before when they played under their old name Asylum and I can say that they’ve matured a lot since then. What we were in for is some pure thrash metal aggression. They play pretty much a straightforward old school thrash metal and the crowd that gathered there seemed to have enjoyed it. They had a very energetic performance, but the one thing it had a lack of were mosh pits in the crowd, so it was pretty clear that the crowd was saving energy for stars of the evening. Overall, Nether made a great intro for what the rest of the evening will be about.

Siberian Meat Grinder

Later on, there was a short break and after that the already mentioned stars of the evening jumped on the stage. When Siberian Meat Grinder took the stage the euphoria in the crowd was pretty much constant. What lacked during Nether’s performance, was found in abundance during Siberian Meat Grinder’s performance, because mosh pits during each Siberian Meat Grinder’s song were constant. Their mix of thrash and hardcore resonated very well with the audience and the band had a great contact with the audience as well, which was enough to engage the audience to go berserk during each song. The vocalist also wore a bear mask during the entire performance, which symbolized very well what Siberian Meat Grinder is about and that would be as their album says it “Metal Bear Stomp”. Songs came one after the other and the atmosphere was hellish during each of them. They played for about an hour, which was sufficient for the crowd to vent out all of their energy.

Siberian Meat Grinder

It was a great evening of thrash metal and hardcore and it shouldn’t leave anyone disappointed. Nether made a great entrance, while Siberian Meat Grinder instigated a complete chaos. It is a third great performance in a row for Siberian Meat Grinder in Zagreb and I can’t wait for the next opportunity to see them, which judging by the reactions will be very soon.

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