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Report: Shining & Srd @ TrainStation SubArt, Kranj, 27.5.2019

by Natas Dog

The enemy is back in Slovenia! The enemy, of course, is the frontman of the Swedish band Shining – Niklas Kvarforth!

Although there was talk about this concert being held in the Croatian club Močvara, the Slovenians from Dirty Skunks took over this event and brought it to this very nice club in Kranj – the TrainStation SubArt. The location of the club is right by the railroad and I would say that it’s a great place for this type of concert, though it’s a shame that it’s in Kranj and not in Ljubljana.

I believe that’s the reason that it wasn’t at full capacity. Shining announced two whole hours of playing and only one support band – the Slovenian Srd, to whom Niklas connected with because he currently lives in Ljubljana. I’ve already seen this band and wrote about them here on MJM and I can say they took the throne of Slovenian Black Metal, up to recenty held by Somrak. In a way, they even remind me of them. A convincing and strong performance with Slovenian lyrics, strongly supported by the local crowd.

Shining takes the stage a few minutes after nine. It’s clear this man goes into some sort of trance before stepping up on the stage. Anything can be expected at their concert. In this case we witnessed now already standard self-cutting and devouring enormous amounts of alcohol, combined with punching some guy in the crowd, blowing kisses to people, as well as hugging the front rows with his completely bloody arms.

The creator of the sub-genre Suicidal Black Metal who recorded his first EP “Submit To Self-Destruction” by the age of twelve, together with his colegue from Silencer made riffs that were brand new and not typical even then.

You can feel the suffering, anxiety, sorrow and depression in those riffs. Each new album that Niklas made afterwards, gathered even better musicians, so I will dare say that Shining gets better every time they put something out and you can’t really say that about many bands. Every song  makes you feel the train of thought of the composer, who changes his personality, conduct and mood from moment to moment. From typical Norwegian Black metal groove, through clean melancholy to high quality guitar solos. All of this is flawlessly presented in tonight’s show with no mistakes by the whole band and the frontman who stands side to side with the likes of Iggy Pop, GG Allin or even our own Satan Panonski.

I’ve seen Shining a few times now and they always have a great live sound, but I do think this club is a little too small so I would say this time the sound was at about 50%.

The set-list went through their entire carreer so no fan was left dissapointed. Shining is one of those bands that you either love or hate, but I think that haters just don’t get them really. 

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