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Report: Scorpions & Divlje jagode @ Štark Arena, Belgrade, 10.6.2018

by Ivona Bogner

Third time’s the charm! After Scorpions canceled their show in 2007, and postponed one in 2017, it was about time to see one of the long-lasting Rock And Roll bands in Belgrade. I intentionally wrote Rock And Roll band, since, at the press conference held the day before at Hyatt Regency Hotel, they strictly emphasized they play Rock And Roll. Anyway, our Serbo-Croatian team met in early afternoon hours and had, as always, a great time before the show. Although we disagreed about the support band (half of the team are fans, other half considers support band as the one you love to hate) we were at Belgrade Štark Arena right on time to hear Divlje jagode.

The longest lasting ex-yu hard/heavy band led by guitarist and mastermind Sead “Zele” Lipovača started a minute or so before 8 p.m. and prepared a smooth set of their biggest hits to warm up the audience for the world famous headliner. The five-piece consisting of Zele, Livio, two Damjans, and Adrian, despite having a pretty short amount of time to do so, did a hard-rocking job. As a guest, they invited the band’s first singer Toni Janković to sing two of band’s famous ballads from the early beginnings. Those ballads were of course “Jedina moja” and “Krivo je more.” The rest of the set included  “Motori”, “Metalni radnici”, “Šejla”, “Kap po kap”, “Let na drugi svijet”, and the short version of the band’s, so to say, anthem “Divlje jagode” as the last one. Livio sang all those mentioned songs using his powerful voice with ease. From our positin we couldn’t, for some reason, quite clearly hear all of Zele’s solos, but we did hear his invite for everyone to join them on their big 40th anniversary concert which will be held in Sarajevo at the end of the month.

After 30 minutes, Divlje jagode left the stage so it could be set for one of the long-lasting (I won’t write dinosaur) bands, Scorpions. If we thought at some point, led by the ticket price that Arena will be half empty, by the time Divlje jagode finished their show, from our position we saw than venue was overloaded.ScorpionsScorpions

Sharp at 9.p.m., Scorpions hit the stage. Grandfathers of Rock And Roll acted like they are in the twenties, not seventies. From the first to the last riff, there was no sign of tiredness. “Going Out With a Bang”, “Make It Real”, “Is There Anybody There?”, “The Zoo”, “We Built This House”, “Wind of Change”, “Tease Me Please Me”, “Blackout”, “Big City Nights”, “Still Loving You”, “Rock You Like a Hurricane” is only the part of setlist spiced with Rudolph Schenker’s guitar solo and Mikkey Dee’s killing drumming solo. Acoustic set brought Mikkey Dee closer to the fans. Since Stockport, Lemmy’s first band, was the British band to visit the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and in years to come Motörhead had been playing in Serbia for numerous times, the special announcement and I bet Lemmy’s spirit flew over the Arena during the “Overkill” cover. Klaus Meine threw at least fifty drumsticks in fan pit. At the end of the show, on the encore, he wrapped the Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian and Bosnian flag around his neck. It seems Scorpions were truly amazed by the audience from all over the region and although we deeply know this was the first and the last time they were in our city, we still hope…

The audio and visual spectacle was completed with flying Mikkey Dee, indestructible drummer who marked King Diamond’s and above all Motörhead’s history.

Crazy tour, crazy night…


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