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Report: Scaffold & Схоластика @ Fest, Zemun, 18.3.2018

by Ivona Bogner

My knowledge about Russian metal bands begins and ends with Gorky Park (I still have their debut Gorky Park in my vinyl collection). The newest wave of Russian metal invasion on Serbia has begun a couple weeks ago when Imperial Age supported Therion and in the coming two months, more Russian names are announced. On March 18th, 2018, Metal Jacket crew was privileged to spend some time with Схоластика, thrash metal band from Bryansk, who had already visited our country two years ago. This year, they decided to come back, and their show in Club Fest, Zemun, was the last one on mini tour of the country that included four cities.

Since we had scheduled an interview, we already met each other at 19:30. Just in case. And it turned out we came before the club was even open. Just a few minutes later, here they are.

First, an interview. The weirdest one, cause the guys don’t speak English, and none of us speaks Russian. Talk about lost in translation… But we had a great time. In 28 minutes sharp, we mostly laughed and each time we understood each other by miracle, horns up!

An hour later, Scaffold, their support band, started preparations. We borrowed Dujke and did an interview with him somewhere in the hall.СхоластикаIt turned out though, that the Russians decided to play first. Roles were reversed, so instead of headlining, Схоластика performed as a support band! They hit the stage and from the beginning to the end, the atmosphere was at high level. Although the turnout was poor (nearly 40 lost souls), Схоластика’s performance was much better than anyone could have expected. They started with “Хардкор”. The List of songs was copied from set list, cause, like I already said, Russian or Chinese, it’s all the same to me!

The excitement was growing and then it fucking exploded when Dujke, Scaffold’s guitarist and vocalist literally jump on stage and sang together with Схоластика. So the next time I say “A Metal band with non-English lyrics is mission impossible”, I’m gonna think twice.

Схоластика setlist

1. Хардкор
2. Дурь
3. Берег к нет
4. На Абордаж
5. Про честь
6. Солнце на ладони
7. Камозин в небе
8. Беги
9. Sepultura
10. Рок н ролл
11. ТанкиScaffold

After a break of about 15 minutes, enough to refill ourselves, Scaffold hit the stage. Although the complete Scaffold line-up has been changed, young generations showed respect to Serbian death metal legend, Dujke, and played professionally, like they shared the stage for ages.

Scaffold setlist

1. Die Agression Wird Introjiziert
2. Years of Decadence
3. Night to Remember
4. People of the Lie (Kreator cover)
5. Suicidal Future (Bloodbath cover)
6. Butcher of Rostov
7. In the Dawn of Judgement Day

Interaction with the audience stands out, as Dujke’s words of wisdom between the songs reached everybody. Besides friends and family (I consider myself as a friend), by the end of show, (if you remember those 40 lost souls from earlier), at least half of them left the venue around 23h, leaving the club practically empty. Sunday night, school, work… No excuses!

Both bands had great sound, which, in Serbia is a problem even with “bigger” bands.

Overall, this might be the best underground gig I have been to, at least in the past 5 years. Think about what you have missed!

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