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Report: Satyricon & Suicidal Angels @ Boogaloo, Zagreb, 19.3.2018

by Tomislav Kuternik

Satyricon came to Croatia along with another wave of northern snow. Talk about coincidence. One can only wonder how it would have been if Immortal came. I would probably be writing a report on how we got stuck in the snow with winter demons biting my ass.

On a serious note, it’s been a while since Satyricon came to Croatia, a whole decade to be precise, despite this being the third time. The previous two were in 2006 with a very solid Keep of Kalessin and Insomnium who later made a name for themselves. Just two years later they came back with Zonaria. Although different bands, they all complemented each other very well.

This time, thrashers from Greece Suicidal Angels were the support act. An unusual choice but as they say, “variety adds spice to life”. Location of the event, for better or for worse, was Boogaloo, which is not exactly known for the best live sound. Last time I was there, Paradise Lost were playing, a way softer band than the aforementioned guys, and let’s just say that we heard only half of the band, while the vocals were pretty much inaudible and void.

The doors opened at 19:00 which seems very early but have in mind it is a working day, so I guess it’s a reasonable hour. Mainly because some of the working class metalheads have work tomorrow morning and will have to deal with your regular neck and spine soreness.

Suicidal Angels

Suicidal Angels started at 19:45 like clockwork with a pretty much full Boogaloo, with the most of the audience in the back making space for the mosh pits which started with the first two songs “Capital of War” and “Bloodbath”. The band’s musicianship is awesome, tight as fuck. Same goes for the sound; it’s surprisingly clean, but also heavy and you can pretty much hear every damn note. It’s a huge difference when you bring your own sound technician to the party. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Just like in every solid thrash metal performance, circle pits and mosh pits were a regular thing although maybe not as much if this were a real thrash metal gig. You could really see that the most of the audiences have come to see primarily Satyricon.

Nevertheless, we managed a few walls of death primarily with the great contact with the crowd by guitarist and vocalist Nick Melissourgos. Their set was around 45 minutes and with them time went very fast. They really were that good; an awesome performance.

Suicidal Angles

Suicidal Angels setlist

  1. Capital of War
  2. Bloodbath
  3. Reborn in Violence
  4. Eternally to Suffer
  5. Seed of evil
  6. Moshing crew
  7. Apokathilosis


After some minor sound checks, Satyricon started around 21:00 in front of a packed Boogaloo. Considering the setlist, and this comes from a guy who stopped listening to the band actively since Rebel Extravaganza; this new stuff sounds so much better live. It has all the ingredients, the groove, the drive, so much that I don’t remember that I ever stopped nodding and banging my head during their set. Despite that, there are some moments when the songs were a bit too like each other. But for every moment like that, their “hits” like “Repined Bastard Nation” or “Now Diabolical” followed up to shake things around.

Satyr is a motherfucking presence and, to my surprise, still has his trademark voice and hits every note without fatigue. Verbal contact with the crowd was not as you might expect but his body language was all over the place. Same goes to the rest of the band, on a side note it was cool to see Neddo on bass, the guy who played in Celtic Frost’s final years.

Frost is still the frozen hellspawn behind the drums which he mercilessly batters and circles its head like as regularly as a heartbeat. Every superlative considering his drumming is not an exaggeration. The man is simply that good.


In the third part of the setlist we got to hear “Walk The Path of Sorrow” with Satyr on guitars as well to boost up the song. Funny thing is, most of us didn’t recognize the song at first, and neither did I. Simply because they did not play the eerie intro piece of the song. After that they played “those” two songs of Nemesis Divina, you know the kind, “Transcendental Requiem of Slaves” and of course “Mother North”. Despite the fact that the songs were performed very well, it left a kind of a bitter aftertaste, a feeling they did it out of obligation, not passion.

On the encore, we finally got our crowded as fuck moshpit going during “Fuel for Hatred”. When Satyr said before the song “you can tell a lot about the country’s spirit by their moshpit”, we decided to make it even bigger for the last song, “King”.

As for the whole performance, I would not be surprised if a good part of the crowd criticized along the lines of “the setlist had too much new shit” but last night, the band showed that they are not nostalgic about their past. They obviously feel more the comfortable with their new sound, and objectively speaking they are doing it very well in all aspects.

They gave us an awesome, professional performance for the third time. Another kickass Monday, this is becoming a trend.


Satyricon setlist:


  1. Midnight Serpent
  2. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
  3. Black Crow on a Tombstone
  4. Deep Calleth Upon Deep


  1. Nocturnal Flare
  2. Repined Bastard Nation
  3. Commando
  4. The Wolfpack
  5. Now, Diabolical

Intermission 2

  1. To Your Brethren in the Dark
  2. The Ghost of Rome
  3. Walk the Path of Sorrow
  4. Transcendental Requiem of Slaves
  5. Mother North


  1. The Pentagram Burns
  2. Fuel for Hatred
  3. K.I.N.G.

P.S: The photo gallery should be up any minute now!

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