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Report: Rotten Sound, Implore & Krlja @ Močvara, Zagreb, 26.3.2019

by Helen Vučić

Yesterday’s night, club Močvara hosted a glorious grindcore gathering worth going straight to after work. Three awesome bands made it hard to keep still – Krlja, the well-known grindcore act from Zagreb started the show around 20:45, a short delay from the planned schedule.

The venue quickly filled with about 60 people and they were hooked! Krlja seemed to capture everyone’s attention pretty well. The number of people remained the same throughout their set and there wasn’t much circulation. Not a lot of moving around either, but we were just getting warmed up. My favorite thing about Krlja is how different they all look. Four guys – four vibes. I’d never guess these guys are in a band together but I’m sure glad they are!


I was slightly more excited about seeing Implore than their Finnish tourmates, young bands have a special kind of unyielding, youthful enthusiasm that I like to see. Based on the word that follows them, I expected 110%, playing like it’s their first gig. Boy, did they deliver. I found all of them to be adorable, but Markus, the absolute sweetheart on guitar and back vocals, had some contagious, jumpy energy which made everyone join in and finally get it going. I must admit I found the vocal to be a tad bit underwhelming compared to the masterful guitar work they demonstrated. Talking about demonstrations, they were all wearing curiously tight pants. Being handsome dudes of varying sizes, standing side by side on stage, they kind of looked like an infographic about body types. Keep rocking them pants, boys!!!

Rotten Sound

Some more… Invested fans attempted stagediving during both Krlja and Implore, however none of them successful until Rotten Sound finally got most of the crowd in a rage (no more awkward faceplants!). The main act seemed really happy to be here, as were we. Keijo pointed out that their last visit to Zagreb was… Too long ago! Can’t get this kind of atmosphere anywhere! Only a couple minutes into their set, sizeable moshpits started appearing and they didn’t cease until the very end, an expected encore rushing everyone into the biggest pit of the night.

I thought the number of people would increase more drastically before the headlining act, but I’d say the total number of people was about a hundred, perfect for that intimate-but-wild experience that Močvara does so well.

Rotten Sound

None of the gigs lasted for too long (what a surprise, huh?) and the live part of the evening was brought to an end around 23:15. Not complaining, after all, it was Tuesday and grindcore fans are known contributors to society, we had time to get a good night’s sleep before work.

In conclusion, even though Rotten Sound did an amazing job of giving people exactly what they came for, Implore win as my favorite act by just a few points. They contrasted the old-school style of Rotten Sound with something new and refreshing, and it worked perfectly as a combination.

Sucks to be you if you weren’t there!

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