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Report: Red Fang & She Loves Pablo @ Močvara, Zagreb, 22.6.2019

by Frane Odak
Red Fang

Another rainy day, another concert in Močvara. This seems to be the formula for all the concerts that were held this week in Močvara, but this time instead of “The Spectral Storm”, we had a chance to see the well-known stoner rockers Red Fang. They were praised for their performance in Rijeka 5 years ago, so my expectations for this concert were very high.

She Loves Pablo

The concert space was already decently filled when one of the best know local stoner rockers She Loves Pablo climbed up the stage. The band started to play a bit earlier than they were originally scheduled to play, so this is definitely a plus. The sound was also excellent and it remained that way throughout the rest of the evening. The performance was just like the band’s frontman Domagoj Šimek said it would be “short and straight to the point”. They played most of their hits in a span of around 45 minutes they had and they also played a brand new song that will be featured on their upcoming album. The band had the audience’s approval, but it was pretty clear that they were just an opening act and that it was time to leave the stage to the headliner, the one and only Red Fang.

Red Fang

As the opening started a bit earlier, so the headliner did as well. For She Loves Pablo Močvara was already filled with people, but for Red Fang the concert space started to fill a bit overcrowded and so the temperature just increased. From that, we all knew that we were up for some sweaty and greasy stoner rock. The band started the concert with one of their best known hits “Blood Like Cream” and from that point on the euphoria was pretty much constant. The band had a great contact with the audience as well. The band’s vocal duo Bryan Giles and Aaron Beam certainly know how to engage the audience.

Red Fang

However, on one occasion when the band spoke to the audience a little minor tweak occurred. It was when they mentioned the fact that it was an international antifascist for which I don’t believe anybody in the audience really cared about, which can be confirmed by the audience’s mellow reactions to the remark. It was really uncalled for and rather unnecessary, but except for that minor tweak the interaction between the band and the audience was very good. The hits came one after the other and with each one the atmosphere was getting more and more hellish with constant mosh pits near the front rows. The culmination was reached during their last and best known song “Prehistoric Dog” when the audience went completely wild and left the last atoms of their energy. Even after the last song there were strong ovations for an encore, but the band decided that it was enough.

It was overall an excellent evening of stoner rock. She Loves Pablo lit the spark, which during the Red Fang’s performance spread out into a full blown fire. With excellent sound and a lot of energy and sweat this surely was a night to remember. With that being said Red Fang definitely justified very high expectations set before them and even raised the bar for all the stoner rock concerts to be held in Zagreb and quite possibly Croatia as whole. Despite not coming back for the encore, after such an atmosphere there is no doubt that Red Fang will visit us again soon and make another fiery performance for everyone to talk about in the coming days. Until next time.

Red Fang

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