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Report: Pestilence, Bleeding Gods & Grimaze @ Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, 18.3.2019

by Kastelan

I still remember the moment when I bought my first Pestilence patch. It was an original ″Consuming Impulse″ and I bought it in an old metal store in Zagreb (which is closed now btw). Sadly, I lost it at their concert five years ago. That was one of the first pieces of merch I bought by myself. Unfortunately, I didn′t see the band perform live in the meantime. So, you can imagine how I was excited when I saw they will come to my hometown to play ″Consuming Impulse″ live in its entirety.

That day has finally come and even a rainy Monday couldn’t spoil my enthusiasm. I have to admit, I wasn′t interested in the Chug core from Belgium or Belphegor lookalikes from Netherlands. This was one of those gigs in which I was interested only in the main band. And I wasn′t the only one. 

But still, I arrived early enough to see the opening bands, so let me introduce them to you in a few brief lines. Really brief. I promise.


Grimaze were founded in 2013 in the capital city of Bulgaria. In 2016, they released their first two singles. Two years later, their first album ″Planet Grimaze″ was released.

They toured with Decapitated, Hatesphere and Thy Disease. With the experience of 250 concerts behind, they couldn′t sound terrible.

This isn′t one of those demo bands. Maybe they are fairly new, but they play their music very forcefully and affectionately. Pity, they didn′t show anything that we haven’t seen before. The riffs are heavy, but the lyrics aren’t memorable. They don’t play Groove Metal gimmick well enough. Also, Death Metal parts aren’t enough innovative.

Maybe they are authentic, but just as battle jackets, their show weren’t anything spectacular or unexpected. I’m not impressed. 

Bleeding Gods

Bleeding Gods from Netherlands were founded in 2012, and released two singles and two albums. Their last album, ″Dodekathlon″ was released through Nuclear Blast. This is where I feel my disliking for the band originates from…

They were energetic, very colorful with a wide range of melodic, rhythmic and vocal passages. But they look like every other mainstream Death and Black N’ roll band.

They wore intricate leather clothes, performed on top notch instruments and had stage props from human bone (replica?). It was cool and all, but it saddens me to see a band look like every other band out there. They aren’t special or memorable. What more to say about the band whose the most interesting member is drummer?

But I’m just an elitist fucktard. Feel free to google them. Maybe I’m wrong and Bleeding Gods are really gods you are looking to worship. Well, I don’t know, it’s up to you. 


After two hours at the bar… I mean listening to the opening acts, the time has finally come for Pestilence. I felt like a kid again, excited to see my favorite band. It reminded me of the time when I visited my first Metal concert. It was Rammstein. But hey, don’t laugh at me! I said I was a kid. And still I am when I’m talking about some bands.

Hailing from the Netherlands, founded in 1986, True Death Metal pioneers, with a brutal discography comprised of only milestone albums which thought generations upon of generations of bands how to play previously mentioned genre, finally hit the stage.

The fact is that they have drastically changed their lineup over the years, but this band is still awesome. Their show was fucking brutal. Just fucking brutal!!!

No other description is needed as well as criticisms of young member would be silly. Full stop!

The band included some songs from ″Testimony″, and it was just a special treat for the sweaty, moshing fans at VIB.

Pestilence is still very brisk, high-speed and impassioned band. One and a half hour of gig flew in a moment. I wouldn’t complain they played a little longer but next time in five years, right? 

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