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Report: Paradise Lost & Lucifer @ Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, 27.10.2015

by Vedrana Dobrić
Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost definitely deserve their own cathedral, they would sound so much better there, but since they decided to take Lucifer on this tour, Vintage Industrial Bar looked like a quite decent place for this kind of occultism.

Behind Lucifer‘s name is a woman. And I have to notice – what a woman! One that isn’t reluctant to shamelessly scratch the darkest indentations of the soul. Her name is Johanna Sadonis. In that case, one would gladly offer his soul to the devil. Avoiding clichés of occult rock explosion, Lucifer is on the mission of of reviving the classic proto-metal bands of the 1970’s and blues, appropriately filling the space with heat much like in hell.

Well, that’s a great story and all, but it is easy to see that the whole thing was quite influenced by Cathedral. Despite this, Lucifer looks great at it. Derived from samples such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Blue Öyster Cult or Coven, it produced a unique fruit that every normal person would like to bite. The voice that Johanna has calls for sin and it was well-accompanied on the guitar with the young version of Satanic Slaughter. Most importantly, in all this vibe of channeling her inner early Ozzy Osbourne, or maybe something a bit like Jinx Dawson or Liz Buckingham, she succeeds to stay true to herself with her vocal abilities and able to merge every single note into a perfectly harmonious whole.

Lucifer setlist
1. Anubis
2. Abracadabra
3. Sabbath
4. Purple Pyramid
5. White Mountain
6. Morning Star
7. Izrael

Moving on, throughout this story Paradise Lost started a new paragraph quite pessimistically with “No Hope in Sight”, a song from their latest album “The Plague Within”. However, there really wasn’t any room for pessimism because the new material is top-notch, with one album they managed to unite all genres, which is a pretty demanding job due to their diversity over a twenty five years old career.

Of course, their old stuff wasn’t omitted, creating a sort of a quick overview of a decade. To the delight of many, they continued with “Widow” and brought us to the time when Paradise was on the land.

Analyzing the setlist before the concert is not my practice, because I don’t want to act surprised and all. But with Paradise Lost that kind of surprise doesn’t exist, so they continued with the title song of their slightly older “Gothic” album. Since their last appearance at Pogon Jedinstvo, there has been some changes, but they didn’t change too much in the setlist, so they started to play the next song “Erased”, giving off a vibe of a hymn.

Before I continue this Gospel of Nick Holmes, I must point out that I’m delighted that their repertoire continues to praise “Lamented Shade”, song from the album “In Requiem”, on which some members of Septicflesh have been credited, so great respect of mine goes to Seth Shiro Anton.

What followed was the interlude with “Victim of the Past” where Holmes remained consistent with himself. That role of the diva perfectly matches his sense of humor.

It became clear that their new album kind of drove him towards liquor, so he again quickly switched, to “Enchantment” album with song “Flesh from Bone” and straight to “Beneath Broken Earth”. Like he was looking for some excuse, like he was sending a message with “As I Die” and ending with “Requiem”.

Paradise Lost

I heard later that some of the folks in the audience complained about the sound quality, but nothing was off to me, I didn’t notice any issues. Maybe I was standing in a right position. Really, I can’t complain, I could clearly hear all the instruments and vocals. It may have happened I’ve imagined it because all the lyrics and everything are etched into my brain. The only problem was that Aaron Aedy and Stephen Edmondson were far away from me and looked pretty squeezed with their instruments in the corner. Also, the drums were positioned so high up for me, I thought they were trying to hide their new member. I saw only a bunch of Waltteri Väyrynen’s hair. Despite that, I was filled with happiness because one of my favorite childhood bands was banging away at full speed. As much as it was possible for doom!

If we consider the fact that there are fourteen studio albums in their discography, which are all pretty varied, it is difficult to satisfy everybody’s criteria because the band can’t play only the first, middle or last three albums. Especially on the tour where they present their new album. But this setlist was amazingly put together. Greg Mackintosh’s guitar solos sounded perfectly harmonious, so his failed punk career actually is a very positive thing.

In the end, the false surprise started, and they came back a few more times with a few more things! For the symbolic return they saved the song  “Return to the Sun” and continued with “Faith Divides Us – Death Unites”, “An Eternity of Lie”. But for the real end they “Say Just Words”… And my soul shall be healed! That’s for sure as long as the eternal ventilator will be swirled on the stage!

Paradise Lost setlist
1. No Hope in Sight
2. Widow
3. Gothic
4. Erased
5. Praise Lamented Shade
6. Victim of the Past
7. Enchantment
8. Flesh from Bone
9. Beneath Broken Earth
10. As I Die
11. Requiem
12. Return to the Sun
13. Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us
14. An Eternity of Lies
15. Say Just Words

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