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REPORT: Pale Origins & MBurns @ Močvara, Zagreb 17.09.2021.

by Lukrecija Mesek

It was two long years since I was at the last concert. I can’t even remember which one exactly it was the last one. So for me it was really refreshing to be at the concert.

Even though it was limited to 60 people on terrace, it was more than great.

It felt like a private concert and it was the best thing that can happen in times like this.

This is what we need now. Small concerts to get back in shape for the future ones with more people. It was good to be in club, to hear music blasting through those speakers, seeing bands up on stage (and in the crowd). Didn’t felt quite like good old times, but for now I’ll take any chance to see metal bands perform live. 

I really wanna say thank you Močvara, Pale Origins and MBurns fo amazing show.

Show did start a bit later, but this time I don’t mind it one bit. It actually made show last a bit longer. 

With all Corona restrictions people still were just sitting and enjoying music. I guess we are all a bit rusty after almost two years of sitting at home. But that didn’t stop MBurns to give us all their energy up on that stage.  


We talked to singer Rino and guitarist Luka Filip.

How was it tonight? How was it playing during Corona?

Rino: We are still overwhelmed. We haven’t played live for almost over a year, so when we got invitation we had to accept it. It did caught us off guard while we were on vacation, but it was amazing to stand in front people on that stage, even though most of the people were sitting down. It’s a bit weird not to see people move around. But for us it was amazing.

What is coming next? What are your plans for nearer future, considering that Corona situation doesn’t seem to be going away?

Luka Filip: For some time now we are working on new materials. We already recorded 4 songs, and we have couple more in the making. Also, we are shooting video materials, so we will be releasing single by single. We won’t wait for next album or something for now, but rather we will be releasing new videos as we record new songs as much as we can.

Rino: And considering concerts, plan is that there is no plan at all. We are checking the situation every day, and if something comes up, like this concert with Pale Origins it’s great. We will be organizing concert when we release new album.


After quick chat with guys from MBurns, we continued to enjoy couple of drinks while waiting for Pale Origins to take the stage.

It was a bit weird that there was no music in between bands, but I guess that’s part of restrictions. From time to time I did find my self wondering how it use be, and how now with all those restrictions the concerts just won’t be the same as before.

But like I said, any chance that I get I will go to see a concert.

With Pale Origins on stage, the whole atmosphere in Močvara changes. I’m not sure what happened, but some of the people woke up and they were ready for concert. Maybe the whole sitting mode was because it was to early. It was around 9:45 or so, when Pale Origins took the stage.

Guys really did get the people on their feet. At the end everybody just wanted more. Lucky for us they played another song and the crow decided to honor it with I would dare say the smallest pit I’ve seen, but so energetic. 

You could tell that a lot of people were missing that feeling.


We did manage to catch Pale Origins singer Ivan, for a quick chat.

Hey How was it today? Did you have any gigs recently and what are your plans for now?

Ivan: Today in Močvara it was really good. It’s the first concert ever that we managed to Sold Out! Even though it was limit of 60 people, it still counts! I think that crowd was entertained, so I think we all enjoyed this concert. I really enjoyed because we didn’t have gig for last year, and since Corona started we had one other gig, apart from this one. So, we were all a bit electrized, we were all a bit grumpy. We questioned our self if we are still in form, but as you could see I think we’re good. 

We are working on new materials. So far we have 3 songs that will soon be released. We are planning a new album, that will be a bit different than our old materials. We are planning to get in studio, and play along the way. You can see us at Zabok next Friday. And for the future we will see what the Corona restrictions will say, hopefully we will have more moments like this, and that soon we’ll start to forget about last two years.


So now, the night has come to the end. It’s around 11, and music is gone. Terrace is filed just with chatter of people as everyone is slowly finishing their drinks and are heading home. It hurts me to see everything like this. I can’t help it but fantasize about the time when concerts will be until 1 in the morning, when music will be blasting between bands, and wen we won’t need to sit in chairs to see the concert.

Until next time. Rock on guys!!

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