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Report: Oluja Fest 10 @ Močvara, Zagreb, 19.-20.10.2018.

by Lukrecija Mesek
Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench

This weekend we headed to Močvara for 10th edition of Oluja Fest. After couple months of silence, finally heavy sounds were blasting through the night. It was awesome.

But, I will stop here with my report. I refuse to write anything that happened this year. Reason is simple; I firmly believe that reports from festivals and concerts are here as reminder for people that were there so they can recall all memories from their visit and laugh about new memories they made with friends. That being said, this year the crowd disappointed me.

So what happened? Last couple of years I’ve been talking to a lot of people about our local scene and how there is so little going on. There was almost no concerts, or if there was one it was mostly cover bands, and now, finally, the table is about to turn, the bands and the promoters are trying to make the difference. So where is your support now? I can mostly hear people complaining that there is nothing going on and when it finally happens, a small group of people will truly support local scene and the rest will simply stay at home and ignore the fact that without them local scene won’t grow.

Tricycle Trauma

This is becoming the new thing. Local clubs are more than half empty on events like this. I can’t say that the bands or promoters are bad, or that they don’t put enough effort in whole thing, the crowd is half dead.

Still, every time some big name comes to Zagreb, the halls are almost full. So tell me, you can support your favorite big name band, and pay a lot of money to see, mostly, three bands, but when you have a local concert where you can see more than just three bands and support your local band, maybe some of them are even your friends, you ignore that event which is, compared to big concerts way cheaper plus you get the chance to talk to your favorite local band and hang around with them after the show.

With this attitude I wouldn’t be surprised that local metal scene in Zagreb in couple of years will be gone completely. So stop being pussies and posers and give your support to local bands.

All that being said, I have to applaud to the organizer and the bands that gave all their strength to make this Oluja Fest awesome. We can’t forget all of you who were there banging your heads off and who made that pit alive, you rock!!! We head great time and I hope that the organizer and the bands will continue with the great work they are doing. For those who have been there, we have photo gallery for you, so you can still remember this years greatness. Stay true, stay metal!

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