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Report: Nightstalker & Se’am @ Močvara, Zagreb, 3.10.2019

by Helen Vučić

This Thursday we attended a smashing warm-up gig for the elaborate stoner season up ahead. Klub Močvara and Hangtime agency treated us to a pleasant evening with the amazing Greek stoner rock dads Nightstalker and a quirky local support, Se’am. This solid, laid-back event gathered a little more than sixty people who came for what Močvara does best – good music for a niche audience that knows to recognise it.


Se’am was first to take the stage sometime after 9pm. From my three minute research of this band, I figured we were in for a wild ride, but nothing could really prepare me for the beautiful nonsense Se’am served us. This group consists of four dudes who are clearly into completely different genres, creating a metal Frankenstein that encompasses everything from grindcore to Walmart-Slipknot, with a Metalcore drummer and a basisst straight outta Rammstein. I don’t know what’s behind their creative process, but it works impeccably. We had a great time constantly being kept on our toes, never knowing which genre will the next passage be. How many BMP are we jumping now? System of a Down can peacefully retire, we’ve got the next best thing.


Nightstalker, however, was more serious business. The joking mood was interrupted by the intricate blues influences heard in the masterful, old-school sound of these experienced rockers. No surprises here, no wild rides, only a steadfast cruise through the stony desert. While the stretched-out riffs chew you like bubblegum, the vocals bring across an authentic vibe of “my wife just left me”. They were an interesting bunch to watch as well – the singer waving his curly, gray mane while taking swigs of beer, the bassist who looks like an off-brand Peter Steele, the guitarist and the drummer who look like the same person… Their music was the real deal, though.


While Se’am, sadly, had no merch to offer at this time (Print some stickers!), Nightstalker made a superb decision with hiring this graphic designer, their prints are seriously fire! The guy at the stand was extremely agreeable and friendly, making this a shopping experience to remember. I got the one that screamed “Goat-Smoking Blues” the most.

All in all, I can assure you ladies and gentlemen, that this was a classic stoner in the swamp event that turned out exactly as it was supposed to. A perfectly relaxed mid-week beer with something finely aged on the side – Nightstalker, a Greek delicacy like no other.

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