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Report: Nervosa & Dead Sleep @ Plan B, Malmö, 7.3.2020

by Bart Tomaszewski

Actually I was wondering quite long time if I should go on this gig and even more write this report. There were two reasons of that. The first one was I simply don’t support bands who disrespect me and, what’s more important, my work and time I put to create questions for the interview. But since I knew my metal brother from Karlshamn is coming, decision was easy. And even if a label of Brazilian girls didn’t give me press pass, which they swear to give, we were prepared for every possibility. Well, it could be also effect of these beers we drunk, but… However, it seems guys from the club gave me it, so… 15€ saved!

Dead Sleep © Bartosz Tomaszewski

Gig started once again directly on time and as a support band played this evening Dead Sleep. They come from Malmö and exist since 2016. This one girl and three guys released their debut full-length 2018 independently, this is available digitally only, but not so long time ago they were in studio. So we can see something new from them quite soon. By the way, the band play something what can be called Crossover. Well, I hear more elements of Thrash then Punk in their music, but influences of this second mention are quite huge as well. They gave a good show and I think they deserved for better response. But it wasn’t so bad and even some headbanging there was. Somehow I forget to take set list, so… But I guess there were songs from their debut and some new ones, too.

After some break and a little rehearsal, as I saw first of all for Fernanda, and another break on the stage came “star” of the evening. Well, don’t get me wrong, but I think if in Nervosa would play guys instead of girls, it was in  my opinion just another good and very interesting band from Brazil. I personally know at least few ones who’d deserve on status which has mentioned band, but it seems it doesn’t matter that they’re pure fucking legends of Brazilian (and not only) metal scene. Anyways, Prika, Luana and Fernanda gave good show, but somehow in case of one of them I had feeling anything was spontaneous. Of course I can be wrong here, but my impression was just like that. They played first of all songs from their last album “Downfall of Mankind”,  which once I had pleasure to review, by the way. But fans could hear some tracks from “Agony” and “Victim of Yourself”. Anyhow, one thing made me at least confused during this show. I mean, Fernanda had some ventilation under the mic or somewhere to make her hair to “blow in the wind”. What in my opinion looked at least grotesque. Well, I was on hundreds of metal gigs during these more then thirty years I listen to metal and I saw something like this very first time! Honestly I always connoted such tricks with pop female singers, but it seems I was, once again, wrong about this all these years…

Generally, it was a good gig and I don’t regret at all I went on it! There was also one quite untypical for other ones thing. I mean the fact that there were a lot of girls in the crowd, especially in first line. The most of them I saw very first time, even if enter every entire show here in Malmö. Hope so I’ll meet at least some of them again when this corona madness takes its end and gigs will be not canceled one after another.

Nervosa © Bartosz Tomaszewski

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