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Report: Naxatras & Lord Drunkalot @ Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, 3.10.2018

by Metal Jacket

On a cold Wednesday, 3rd of October, Naxatras, currently one of the most famous hard psychedelic rock bands, formed in year 2012. in Thessaloniki, Greece, has played their music in Vintage Industrial Bar in Zagreb. Two years ago, on the Tabor Film festival, they have made their first appearance in Croatia, last year they have managed to make their concert at KSET sold out, and this year their biggest-to-date tour has started just in Zagreb. Lord Drunkalot, a heavy/doom metal band from Zagreb whose members say that they pick up the inspiration for their songs “somewhere far from reality”, made appearance as an opening act.      

Lord Drunkalot

At 21:15, they have started to warm up the audience with their massive, good quality riffs and at the very beginning the club was already half full. They played various sorts of music – from stoner and psychedelic rock and all the way to the sludge and thrash metal. During their 45-minute gig the club got full and they have left the stage at 22:00 for Naxatras, whose members were thrilled due to the response of the public, which was obviously much bigger than they had expected it will be and you could really tell that they have enjoyed playing there. 


The music of Naxatras was something quite different than their opening act – soft psychedelic rock with occasional harsher melodies, but still within the same frames, without any deviation from the original sound. Although they should have finished at 23:30, they have prolonged their concert for at least 40 minutes more. Having that in mind, they have been playing for more than two and a half hours without a break, with the silent complaining of some exhausted individuals, but with the great joy for the most of the, by then pretty stoned, audience, so they have almost managed to cover their whole discography, but the emphasis was mostly on the songs from the last album. Even after the concert, a large number of people have stayed in the line in order to buy a shirt or a CD or just to see their favourite band in person for the last time. You could really see the joy on their faces.

Text: Roland Sigurdsson

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