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Report: Nanowar Of Steel & Zodom @ Fest, Zemun, 1.12.2019

by Metal Jacket
Nanowar Of Steel

The Italian satire attraction Nanowar Of Steel last visit to Serbia was, I believe more than a decade ago, when they performed in Novi Sad. Well, I guess at least the weather was better then. Fest was one of the latest stations on their Balkan Reggaeton Tour. Like the rest of the crowd, I was really excited to see them. Especially since “Norwegian Reggaeton” was such a huge hit worldwide. They gained a lot of attraction and as we all know this type of satire is very close to our hearts. We can’t live without it! Hell, when you unite the whole Balkans together, you could get a parody, and satire scene so big that you could, for real, form a great festival of it.

Anyway, these days “Norwegian Reggaeton” can be listened in clubs across Belgrade, and you can see metalheads dancing to it, after having to adjust their darkness to a dance beat. But I guess, if you have burning churches and you mention Varg or Hellhammer in a song – it’s metal enough, so it counts. 

I won’t go over their rise to power and standard bio. I will just mention the fact that after the success of their last single (two million views on YouTube and counting), they signed a worldwide contract with Napalm Records, which is quite a success. Isn’t it?


Fest was a great pick for this event. It has an intimate atmosphere, which is opposite to the usual concert venues in Belgrade. It was quite comfortable after the supporting act took upon itself to drain the life force of the people present. Many people left, and left were only people who really wanted to hear them. Either way, there is nothing much to say about Zodom. If you can, you should avoid this act and stare at the wall. It would be better spent time. Maybe it’s me, but as far as I know, there are none of the mainstream German comedians present. I went to google that just to be sure and I came upon a saying that humor in Germany was extinct with dinosaurs. Actually, to make the whole story short –  only this fact is hilarious with all due respect!

On the other hand, guys form Nanowar have all the elements that one good stand-up comedy band has to offer, and the rest of the evening went really epic. They got us through the material with extensive visual swag followed by great told stories, mostly in Serbian (who knew that was possible?). To name some: “The Call Of Cthulhu” (what the frak was that?), “BarbaGianni” (known as a beard of the guy named Jovan).

Nanowar Of Steel

I have never been in “Wall Of Love” and I dig the concept – this should be the standard practice at any show. Afterwards came the power ballad that tears hearts in half, “And Then I Noticed That She Was A Gargoyle”. Of course, “Norwegian Reggaeton” for all of us that have Corazón Vikingo and split personalities was a blast. If you are into politics and economics, we touched “Feudalesimo e Libertà”, pseudo-political song that was equivalent to something we had here recently, connected with satirical political figures or corruption. Then came “Stairway to Valhalla” which brought to the next one, “Hail To Liechtenstein”. Special song for us was “Kitograd”. With that mentioned, there was a lot of Serbian related things which probably are not politically correct in any measure to be written here.

The band’s musical, technical and vocal skills were amazing. They are a serious bunch that harvested all the major ingredients for greatness. The humor isn’t over the top, it has an edge. It’s intelligent, sarcastic and well thought through.

I was glad we had the time to talk and drink after the show, and talk rubbish with the band.  I can’t even remember when I had that much fun at the show. And to conclude, if you came across Nanowar at your hometown, just go see them live, because it’s a no brainer!

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