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Report: Nanowar Of Steel & Nekroinverted @ Boogaloo, Zagreb, 2.12.2019

by Helen Vučić
Nanowar Of Steel

This year, something beat New Year’s Eve to the “Gayest occasion in December” title and I’ve been tasked with the dramatic retelling of it. In case your winter Monday wasn’t depressing enough, there was a chance to drive it to the ground by joining us for an exciting evening of men in colourful tights and their shiny guitars!

This most metal LuLaRoe presentation was held in Zagreb’s Boogaloo club and it featured two fantastic groups who put on their best onesies just for you – glorious Italian true metallers Nanowar of Steel, supported by the local masters of random, Nekroinverted. The evening was filled with laughter, glitter and beer – bad moods and dull outfits were not allowed!

Nekroinverted took the stage sometime after 8:30 pm and immediately threw us off with the greatest hits from their latest EP entitled “Recept Za Proljev”. Finally, we have enough Nekromaterial to fill a set of appropriate duration.

They pretty much played every song they ever composed and also some non-composed ones! If you were there, you can count yourself among the lucky fans who got to hear the premiere of their new (s)hit “Indie-Rock Pjesma”. It really puts things into perspective.

Aren’t you happy you’re listening to Nekroinverted right now? You could be at a Vatra concert. You could be stuck at a Porto Morto gig in a nightmareish limbo with watered down beer and drugged minors bumping into you.

Their costumes were on point as always and Boogaloo seemed incredibly spacious and chill. This was due to minor promotional hiccups which resulted in a smaller crowd than expected, but that didn’t bother Nanowar Of Steel in the slightest.

If you were focused on the stage and immersed into what’s happening, you got the experience of a sold out show (I’ve seen sold out shows with less energy and enthusiasm than this!). The members are the most interesting, multi-talented bunch.

Those of us who concluded that the bassist going by the stage name Gatto Panceri 666 must be of local origin were very mistaken. “No, he isn’t ours, he just speaks every language” – explained a friend. Extensive research confirmed that he does, in fact, speak every language. Fascinating. Svaka čast, Eduardo!

Another friend pointed out how signing with Napalm Records must’ve been great Nanowar as their costumes and props leveled up are now the envy of any minor theatre.

Songs like “Call Of Cthulhu” and “Il Cacciatore Della Notte” were especially entertaining. The owl fursuit seemed incredibly heavy but Barbagianni did not falter! The audience, to quote Baffo “all twelve of them”, were incredibly engaged and in sync with the band.

The concert was spectacular but some potential was definitely left unused. I sincerely await another chance to host this amazing troupe in our hometown and give them a bigger, better louder experience. After all, they gave us only their best!

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