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Report: Motorpsycho @ Dom Omladine Beograda, 9.3.2018.

by Srđan Radovanović

Every once in a while, you run across randomly on something and your initial thought is “wait a minute, how come I’m only realizing this now?” The past few days were quite hectic so it was logical that we should end the week on a high note, by hosting Motorpsycho! Fresh off their latest work “The Tower”, the trio from Trondheim, Norway would eventually prove they pack quite a punch.

The event went along with no opening bands, so it meant less time to warm up. However, in certain situations, like this one, it can prove to be a good thing, no effort spent on adjusting. Norwegians came out all guns blazing, with a crackling sound, and yet, they seemed completely unfazed by the whole rock show concept. They just casually and subtly showed up on stage and started their thing.

It became pretty obvious soon afterwards that this band has been around for quite a while now, as their styles kept changing. The guys evoked some really old school memories, by channeling their inner Led Zeppelin on “Year Zero”. Almost immediately the concept would shift to grungier and then back to some classic prog rock when they introduce stuff like “Bartok”. The beauty of all this is that, at the core, it’s still the same band and the same people. It’s just that over the years during which they stubbornly refused to give in to the pressure, they sought ways to better themselves. You can read more in the interview my colleague did.

Motorpsycho really loves to change the pace of their own performance. As the show moves on, the subtlety slowly fades in favor of more aggressive riffing, but the transition feels natural and unforced. They are doing this just for fun, aren’t they?

The crowd, save for the overly-energetic bunch out front, was mostly static, clearly concentrated on trying to absorb as much of the experience as possible. I even saw more than a few familiar faces next to me, clearly the following of this band goes a long way.

This show of 2 hours was closed with the title track “The Tower”, in what seemed like one last act of subtlety by the guys, just for kicks. The performance was quite tight and I think the overflow of positive reactions from the crowd wasn’t entirely expected by the band and that’s something I always enjoy seeing. I could say that the turnout ended up being just a bit suboptimal but that didn’t exactly hamper anything. What could have been better though, was the sound quality. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some raw crackles of guitar distortion, especially if the band itself prefers those conditions, but the vocals were kind of fuzzy and unclean. Still, if this is everyone’s idea for a good Friday night, sign me the hell up!

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