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Report: Monolithe, Abyssic & Drama @ Močvara, Zagreb, 17.4.2019

by Helen Vučić

Brilliant bands were met yesterday at club Močvara. For the fans of darker things in life, Subsonic Events delivers a carefully curated selection of Death/Doom acts perfect for a warm April Wednesday evening. Around 80 people gathered to see the fresh Norwegian attraction Abbyssic in action, witness the technical skill of Monolithe and have a relaxing beer hearing the well-known local Doom legends Drama one more time.

The atmosphere started out as pretty lively, lots of chatter and walking around the club. Everybody was here with a reason, not many found themselves here by accident. This was a determined crowd with high expectations. Were they met? Mine were. I was here to see Abyssic and boy, did I have something to see!


But let’s start from the beginning. Drama started to warm us up with a slight delay from the planned schedule, like always (concert timetables are in most cases more of an… Arbitrary guideline?). Drama has their loyal following and they demonstrate a good technical performance, however, as much as I love our common mother tongue, metal sung in it is not for everyone. They definitely did a great job of setting the joyfully grim mood for the night.

Abyssic crept in like a shadow, before we knew it, we were all pulled into a glorious un-ritual that did not cease until the last of our life-force was sucked out and absorbed by the band. I’d voluntarily participate again. Dressed in black hooded robes, surrounded by ornate candelabras and graveyard lanterns, washed in crimson light, they were more than ready for a ceremony of this caliber. The audience was completely captivated just as fast. I don’t think “captivated” really brings my point across. We were gotten as fuck.


The venue filled up at the speed of light (for the less focused reader, this was supposed to be an ironic pun). And they had something to see. The Grand Conductor Memnoch was looking almost small next to the massive contrabass he had equipped. Wielding the bow invitingly, yet threateningly, he starts the symposium. While their sound is nothing less than amazing, their vibe is immersively and overwhelmingly goth. Not in a bad way, not at all. The Source of All Goth, bass player Makhashanah, is a banshee looking lady who brings a lot to the table here. Really long hair and even longer sleeves are a winning combination, along with brilliant make up and dedicated bass playing. What beauty!


To everyone’s disappointment, Abyssic’s show couldn’t last forever and we had to part from this dark coven to give way to the final act of the night, the French Doom doctors Monolithe. Now after a track or two, the numerous crowed slowly dispersed all around the club, drinking beers at the bar, smoking outside or straight up chilling and playing video games in the back. This atmosphere did not surprise me in the slightest, I have too found Monolithe to be a perfect band for passive listening. I don’t doubt everyone was glad to behold their three guitar mastery in person, however, paying them my fullest attention wasn’t the best idea as I slowly drifted to sleep…standing up. Before resorting to a second method of mental stimulation and finding someone to chat with, I cast one last look at the hall and see a tight group of some 20-30 people holding their ground, not taking their eyes of the stage. These people were here to see Monolithe and them alone. And they got what they came for tenfold.

Life goes on and Močvara remains one of the best places to spend a random day in the middle of the week. The incredibly informal, relaxed atmosphere, no pressure to be crazy, just a bunch of metal fans letting off some steam and unwinding. The prices are reasonable and the bands almost never disappoint.

Catch you there next time, okay? Come share a beer and lament about the last band with me!


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