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Report: Minsk, Zatokrev & Duskburn @ Močvara, Zagreb, 24.10.2018

by Kastelan

Subsonic Events have become a household name on the Zagreb metal scene. For some years now, they have brought awesome regional and global acts to Močvara, the venue next to the lake. On wednesday, the 24th of October 2018, they hosted three great bands, the local Duskburn, Swiss Zatokrev and Minsk, from the US of A. 

Usually, concerts in the middle of the week are a hit and miss thing. Its either a big show thats sold out, or ist a gathering of the most hardcore fans who will support their bands even if it means not sleeping. This one was the latter.

First up were Duskburn from Zagreb. They came together twelve years ago, and have since released four albums. The latest is called Serpentide. To be fully honest, I have never before seen this band live and it was refreshing to see a “new” old local band for the first time. I was curious, and these guys did not disappoint me. The years of expirience really show, and their act was planed, calculated and executed with force. Bathed in the amber stage light they brought all their might down upon the crowd. 

At this point, I’d like to adress the late start of the whole show. Due to some border-related problems the concert had to be postponed from 8 to 9 PM, and Duskburn started at around 21:30 and played for almost an hour. This was going to be a long night. 

Zatokrev are a Swiss sludge act founded in 2004. They released four long plays, and their latest release is the “Bigod” split with Minsk. If it wasnt obvious by this point, the whole tour is about the “Bigod” split, and promoting a great collab that spans across the Atlantic. 

First off, this kind of sludge is not my coup of tea. It’s drawn out and atmospheric. Its melodic and one song seeps into another making it seem as tho the whole performance was ment as a whole. Despite personal preferences, I have to say that there guzs know their stuff, and sure love to headbang. It was great to see a band coherently bang their heads to such music. 

During a smoke break, I saw a lonesome dude drinking local beer and looking around. After approaching him, it turned out he is Zachary Livingston, the bassist for Minsk. In our brief conversation, he adressed how this is a big crowd for him, and how he finds Močvara charming. He remarked that the cigarettes are also cheaper here, and I advised him to stock up while in Serbia. Hope he remembers it. 

The guy I talked to went away, and in a couple of minutes, walked on stage with a bass in hand. He, as well as the rest of the band looked real glad to be here. Even after fifteen years of making music, they seem fresh and full of energy. They performed their new and old material with dedication and care. At the end of their show, just as they did an hour before, Zatokrev climed on stage to perform togeather. I’m very well aware that one band going on stage while another is playing isnt unusual, but im a sucker for that kind of collab.

All in all, this was a well spent wednesday evening. 

P.S. Props to Močvara for hiring the nicest security guy ever. 

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