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Report: Mgła, Martwa Aura & Above Aurora @ Močvara, Zagreb, 6.9.2019

by Helen Vučić

Summer is officially over, September started and with it the pressing feeling of the new academic year. No more dallying around, it’s time to pass those exams, get that new job and start dating someone new so you can Netflix&chill during the coldest months. That also means festivals are over and we’re back to the roots, my first time in Močvara in almost three months! Oh, how I’ve missed it! (I haven’t)

The new fall/winter concert season was gloriously opened with a fully sold out show, people-fighting-over-spare-tickets-in-the-parking-lot sold out. Of course the place was full, we had the honour of hosting the Polish Black metal sensation Mgla!


Formed nineteen years ago in Krakow by the frontman Mikołaj “M” Żentara and drummer Darkside, their 2015 album “Exercises in Futility” is what got them the most well-deserved attention and praise. Not big fans of song names, they continued the trend of numerical song titles on their newest album as well. “Age of Excuse” is a unique masterpiece perhaps even surpassing their previous fan-favorite. I know it’s my preference. The record came out only a couple days ago so we caught Mgla pretty fresh, having not played this set many times before. Their outdoor gig at Brutal Assault was far from bad, but I was aching to hear them in a much smaller, darker, closed venue where the sound can truly resonate and punch me in the guts over and over again.


That’s exactly what happened, but let’s start from the beginning. They brought a Polish entourage to keep us entertained and properly greased up, Above Aurora being the first to play. I found them to be quite enjoyable, the melodic riffs along with appropriate vocals, while less could be said for the act that followed, Martwa Aura. Not that there was anything wrong with the music, but the vocals just seemed…off, for some reason. I don’t know if it was the sound dude’s fault or the singer just sounds weird, but overall it was a bit of a hot mess. Above Aurora killed it though, despite the smaller crowd cheering them on.Martwa Aura- Guy who looks better than he sounds

After a break long enough to grab another beer and mingle around (seriously, everyone you know was there), it was finally time to fully submit ourselves to the cult of Mgla. I remember a conversation I’ve had a few months ago about Black metal sort of being the new stoner, because more and more does marijuana fuse itself into Black metal culture, and it’s not illogical. Any ambient/atmospheric music can easily be puffed to. Ever since I’ve been testing this theory, I’ve been enjoying Black metal a lot more. Not that I didn’t like it, but it had an average place on my list of priorities. My interest in the genre really blossomed after falling down the rabbit hole of the devil’s lettuce.


Anyhow, Mgla fucking shattered my soul, in a good way. I turned me from clay to glass, then boom. The concert was pretty intense. It was very easy to just lose yourself in everything and forget where you are. There was no encore; and to inform us of that, they turned on the biggest, hottest lights they had, as if we weren’t already baked enough.

The sound was not bad, I must happily admit that, and Močvara made some small decor changes during summer to freshen it up. Not to mention all the cool concerts that await us there in the near future.


Big thanks to Subsonic Events and Hangtime Agency for coming up with this wonderful Friday evening, here’s to many more like this!


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